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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I stopped maintaining this blog, as I changed roles. The official supported documents about compatible versions are the overview notes. The link to the overview notes of the latest versions can be found here: 2267770 - Feature Package & Patch Delivery Schedule for Components Related to SAP Business One - SAP...

Everyone knows the admin guides and overview notes where you could 'easily' find the HANA revisions compatible with the SAP Business One version and patch you want to install. Knowing the HANA revision could also mean an upgrade of the OS (SUSE Linux). Especially now we are now supporting HANA 2.0 and the introduction of SLES 15, it becomes a bit misty in the SAP Business One version for SAP HANA world. To make it more clear I created the attached pdf in the hope this may clear the mist!

[20151215] Minor change in GIF. SLES 11 SP3 is also supported with 9.2 PL02 and 9.1 PL11

[20151217] Changed RU in EAC (=early adopter care) and Pl10 available

[20151221] Add remark about different setups (like High availibility)

[20160104] Upgrade of some libraries already needed for HANA Rev 97.03

[20160223] Support of SLES 12 is potsponed, not supported with 9.1 PL11 and 9.2 PL02

[20160303] 9.1 PL11 only supports HANA Rev 102.05

[20160504] Future patches 9.1 PL12 and 9.2 PL03 added

[20160624] 9.2 PL03 officially released

[20160909] 9.1 Pl13 and 9.2 Pl04 officially released. 9.2 Pl05 planned

[20161025] Added the gif bak to the post

[20161208] Changed HANA revision for PL05 to 122.03 and added Pl06

[20170301] Added PL07 and PL08

[20170628] Added Pl09 and SLES 12.1

[20171003] Added EAC version 9.3

[20180109] 9.3 Pl01 and 9.2 PL10 added

[20180423] 9.3 Pl03 added

[20180703] 9.3 PL04 and 9.2 PL11 added. Be aware as of 9.4 Pl04 SLES 11SP3 is not supported anymore. For new installations you it is advised to install SLES12 SP3

[20180831] 9.3 PL05 added

[20181219] Removed version 9.1, added 9.3 PL06, Pl07 and PL08

[20190319] 9.3 Pl09 added

[20191010] Pl10 and Pl11 added

[20191217] Removed 9.2, added V 10.0 + 9.3 PL12


[20210511] Support for SLES 15SP2 as of 10.0 FP2102

[20210721] Added 10 FP2105

[20210916] Added 10 FP2108

[20220117] Added 10 FP2111 + SLES 15SP3 support

[20220922] Added FP2202, only SLES15 SP2 and SP3 support

! This is not an official supported document, all rights reserved. Changes in delivered versions may occur!