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Try it, before you buy it.  

When it comes to evaluating something before committing to it, conventional wisdom tells us there’s nothing better than taking it for a test drive.  

Imagine yourself then casually surveying the showroom floor of a car dealership. You spot the vehicle you’ve been eyeing for purchase; the one you’ve researched by pouring over every customer rating and review available on the Internet. After a quick greeting and exchange with a salesperson, you’re handed the keys as you open the driver’s side door and slide into the interior. You survey the dashboard as the salesperson marches through a list of the car’s most compelling specifications. This knowledge of the car’s amenities, like its handling, gas mileage, even the fun-to-drive factor – while impressive – doesn’t add anything you didn’t already know from your online research prior to arrival. Once you turn the key, however, everything about your car buying experience changes, as moments later you’re pulling slowly out of the dealer’s lot for a test drive. 

With your hands positioned on the wheel, the engine idles waiting to merge into traffic, the subtle notes of “new car fragrance” tickle your nostrils, and you compress the gas pedal ever so slightly. The car reacts with an effortless but powerful acceleration. Instantly, all the facts about the car you had read up on as if you were cramming for a midterm suddenly become tangible, because you are no longer simply studying them you’re experiencing them for yourself.  

Your take on the car buying process aside, we can all agree there is nothing else quite like a test drive when it comes to making an informed decision. This is the impetus behind SAP’s ERP Simulation game which allows prospects to become active participants in a live S/4HANA production environment. For customers looking to learn more about SAP’s modern, cloud-based ERP system, the simulation proffers a preview into possible business outcomes while witnessing firsthand how S/4HANA can be a vital part of their organization’s digital transformation. 

In short, in a matter of just a few hours participants can get a hands-on inside look at the business possibilities of running a cloud-based ERP. 


In the driver’s seat. Users see the functionality of S/4HANA up close

“Demos are great as a tried-and-true tool for getting a clear picture of a solution’s functionality and benefits,” says Donnie McMillan, S/4HANA Midmarket Product Evangelist.But this workshop literally puts you in the driver’s seat. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s fast-paced, fun, and hyper competitive.” 

The competitive angle motivates participants to broaden their company’s invite list and pull in perspectives outside of IT. In fact, the more people that take part, the better. As a business simulation that runs on a live SAP ERP system, participants must cultivate decisions by sharing information and collaborating. The result is more than just a collective appreciation of enterprise software, it’s also the chance for team members from a cross section of business functions to realize the company performance impact of communicating up and downstream in an end-to-end process. 

When you test drive a new car, there’s no substitute for that perceived sense of value behind the first time you hit the accelerator, navigate a tight turn, or feel the cushion of a comfortable ride. In the ERP Simulation game, powerful algorithms act to emulate actual market conditions, allowing participating teams to react in real time as situations occur. The market conditions may be simulated, but the quick thinking and teamwork required to adapt in the moment are immeasurable for early evaluation.  

The virtual workshop is optimized for a multi-layered, remote, and truly interactive experience. Working with a third-party strategic partner, BATON Solutions has helped build something unique for SAP customers, regardless of their organization’s size or industry. ERPsim sessions are led by certified instructors with a choice of simulations across different industries, including a version that focuses on Sustainability. Some sessions can be completed in as little as 3 hours while others are offered in half-day and full-day formats. 


More than a preview. Algorithms mimic market conditions for realistic business simulation.

“Customers aren’t just seeing the potential business benefits of S/4, they’re changing how they think about SAP,” McMillan further adds. “These sessions are also a great way to energize a customer’s team around a topic they might have perceived as complicated or unwieldy. Grabbing the wheel and hitting the gas themselves is empowering and enlightening for everybody involved.” 

Are you ready to get in the driver’s seat of your business’s digital transformation? Reserve your spot today at an upcoming workshop.  

Register here for 2024 workshops. Space is limited!

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