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There is no doubt that there’s a long list of formidable companies offering HR software. So I asked myself – How come more and more companies prefer SuccessFactors over everyone else to manage their workforce? It wasn’t too hard to find the key motivations - here’s my (non-exhaustive) Top Ten list of reasons:

1. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife.

Let’s make no mistake, successfully managing your staff and keeping everyone engaged is all but straightforward: Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever, with five generations working side-by-side. Needless to say that someone born before 1945 (referred to as ‘traditionalists’ or ‘maturists’) has fundamentally different views on work ethic, values, feedback and rewards than someone born after 1995 (‘Generation Z’).

In addition, the fundamental structure of the workforce is rapidly changing as well: The increasing use of contingent labor is bringing greater flexibility to companies, but is also challenging in terms of the ability to holistically manage in-house and external, contracted employees.

Lastly, today’s workforce is, what I like to call, increasingly glocal. Growing your business into new geographies is the norm – to do that successfully you must be able to understand and adhere to local workforce regulations and requirements.

Mastering these plus many more challenges in today’s world of HR means you’ll want to use a set of HCM solutions that covers every single aspect of HR, but in a flexible way. Flexible as in – Only use whatever you need, just like a Swiss Army Knife. In case your organization needs to up the ante in recruiting/onboarding? Great, SuccessFactors has got you covered. Your core HRIS is running like a well-oiled machine and you want to supercharge Learning in your organization? No problem, just go for SuccessFactors Learning then. How about performance and goals as a first step? Absolutely, just subscribe to it and forget about the rest. Compensation, Succession & Development, Workforce Analytics? Check, check and check. Or perhaps your talent management area is just fine and all you need is a new Core HRIS? Voila, SuccessFactors Employee Central is here to help.

Bottom line, SuccessFactors is the most comprehensive suite of solutions for Human Capital Management that lets you start anywhere and go everywhere.

2. It works.

A couple statistics speak loud and clear how proven SuccessFactors cloud solutions really are:

We clocked an average of 141 million transactions in Q1’2015 – per day. Even a staggering 1.2 billion transactions in one single week left our data centers unimpressed. In other words, it is safe to say that the 29+ million people in 177 countries (and counting) who are using SuccessFactors solutions daily trust us for a reason – it just works, equally well for the small mom-and-pop shop with tens of employees to global corporations with 100,000s of users.

3. The sky is the limit.

Because one size almost never fits all, flexibility in extending your HR solutions is key. SuccessFactors solutions allow exactly this – with everything from built-in extensibility (to configure labels, required fields, picklists and to add custom fields), to leveraging the SuccessFactors Metadata Framework to extend our solutions with custom objects, all the way through creating new apps or custom code objects and logic, leveraging our own Platform as a Service - SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Because when you combine SuccessFactors’ best practices with your own secret sauce, no one can stop you from engaging your workforce like never before.

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of this blog to see the rest of the list, including:

4. It's smart.

5. Users actually like to use it.

6. It's a Global Village.

7. At your Service.

8. We're in our Prime.

9. Businesses Follow the Law of Attraction.

10. Because They say so.