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Product and Topic Expert

Hello everyone, 

The Brazilian government has published the technical note 2022.003, which provides new validation rules, as well as changes in the referenced tax document group. 

The NF-e technical note includes a new field and validation rules applicable to this field. In this blog post, we will cover updates regarding these changes and SAP Notes relevant to this legal requirement available for SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP. Click here for the Portuguese version.

Changed Fields and Validation Rules 

The new refNFeSig field enables the taxpayer to reference the NF-e by informing the access key with a zeroed numeric code (random number). This implies restricting access to information in the nota fiscal, ensuring data secrecy. There are new validation rules that ensure the referenced access key consistency with zeroed numeric code and prevent this referencing from happening on an NF-e with a purpose other than normal (finNFe=1). 

The reference by the full access key is still mandatory in cases of return NF-e, complementary NF-e and when required by legal regulations. 

One of the changes is related to the number of occurrences of the group of referenced tax documents that previously had a maximum of 500 occurrences and now can have 999 occurrences. This change addresses situations in which more than 500 documents are referenced in the same nota fiscal. 

New table for Document References  

The Nota Fiscal Document Reference (J_1BNF_DOCREF) table is available in your system, delivered according to the specifications of the technical note. 

You can find the table in the following objects in your system: 

  • Nota Fiscal Writer (J1B*N) transactions, External NFe References table under the Additional Information tab of the document 

  • Additional Data for Nota Fiscal (J_1BNF_ADD_DATA) BAdI 

  • Nota Fiscal System – Create Object from data (BAPI_J_1B_NF_CREATEFROMDATA) BAPI

  • Nota Fiscal: List details of a Nota Fiscal (BAPI_J_1B_NF_READDATA) BAPI

The Document Reference Type (DOCREF_TYPE) field defines the confidentiality of the referenced document. You can choose between the values Standard or Confidential and the 44-Digit Access Key (ACCESS_KEY) field stores the access key of the referenced tax document. 

The new table allows the reference for external tax documents (notas fiscais that don’t exist in your system). In the case of internal reference (when tax documents are stored in your system), nothing changes as it continues to be as it is today.  

Choosing the Standard value, inform the complete NF-e access key. By choosing the Confidential value, you may inform the NF-e access key with zeroed numeric code (random number) to ensure confidentiality. 

When entering a reference as Confidential, it goes to the refNFeSig field of the XML, but when you enter a reference as Standard, it goes to the refNFe field. 

Relevant SAP Notes for this legal requirement 

  • SAP Note 3295909 – NT 2022.003: Confidential Nota Fiscal References

  • SAP Note 3288601 – Prerequisite Objects for NT 2022.003: Confidential Nota Fiscal References

SAP Notes for NF-e are planned for March 08. 

Update – March 10, 2023


  • SAP Note 3308184 - Outbound NF-e: Technical Note 2022.003

  • SAP Note 3309134 - Outbound NF-e: Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 3308184

Inbound GRC:

  • SAP Note 3309145 -  Inbound NF-e: Technical Note 2022.003

Inbound eDocuments:

  • SAP Note 3309706 - eDocument Brazil Inbound NF-e: Technical Note 2022.003

  • SAP Note 3309710 - eDocument Brazil Inbound NF-e: Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 3309706 


  • SAP Note 3290276 - NF-e NT2022.003

Update – March 22, 2023

  • SAP Note 3310241 - Prerequisite Objects for NT 2022.003: Confidential Nota Fiscal References BAPI

  • SAP Note 3310242 - NT 2022.003: Confidential Nota Fiscal References BAPI

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Luize Boyen