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Hi everyone,

Do you know that now it’s possible to rectify an event from EFD-Reinf report? Continue reading to find more details about the rectification process.

What do I need to know before rectifying an event?

  • In the 1.3.01 layout from the EFD-Reinf report, the field that indicates if the event is an original file or a rectification is the indRetif. Find below the field definition from the manual:

  • Other important field that you must know is the nrRecibo, which you must fill in only when the event is a rectification. Find below the field definition from the manual:

  • The EFD-Reinf report and the government don’t maintain the versions of the events. As of the moment that an event is rectified, the government maintains only the last event. When a rectification is made, the EFD-Reinf report reads the existing data in the system and send them again to Messaging Framework. This means that even if you haven’t changed anything in the event, a new event will be sent to Messaging Framework.

  • In case the period is closed, you must reopen the period to rectify the event.

How can I rectify an event?

After executing the EFD-Reinf report (see the TDF-EFD-Reinf: funcionalidades da solução 1/2  blog post to find more details), follow the steps below:

  1. Select the event row you want to rectify.

It’s important to mention that, to rectify an event, the status of this event must be Success and must contain a receipt number that validates the event (as per image below):

  1. Select the new button Rectify and Send to MF to generate a rectification event and send a new version of this event to Messaging Framework (as per image below):

How do I know that the event I’ve selected is rectified?

 You can check, in the details () of each event, the following fields (as per image below):

  • Rectification Indicator: The value of this field in the event you have selected to rectify (rectified event) will be 1 while the value in the rectification event will be 2.

  • Event Receipt Number: The event you have selected to rectify will contain a receipt number from the government.

  • Rectified Receipt Number: The rectification event will contain the receipt number from the government.

  • Rectification Event ID: The event you have selected to rectify will contain the event ID from the rectification event.

Rectified event:

Rectifier event:

For more information, see https://help.sap.com/tdf_br_10 -> Application Help -> Reporting -> EFD-Reinf – Background Information.

Feel free to leave your feedback, comment or question in the space provided below. And don’t forget to follow the SAP Tax Declaration Framework for Brazil tag to stay tuned on Tax Declaration Framework latest news.

What are the prerequisites for using this functionality?

You must have TDF Support Package 11 already installed on the system and apply the following SAP Notes:

2632951 – [TDF SP11] Note 025: DDIC and HANA View Objects for SAP Note 2632779

2632779 – [TDF SP11] Note 026: MF – Reinf – Support to Rectification Events


Best regards,

Rodolfo Felipe Celante

TDF Development Team