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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Recently, we've had some questions about a particular error message. We've updated the message, but in the meantime, here's some further information about the message that may help you in your work.

Here's the context: You can encounter this message when you're testing registration for indirect taxation abroad (RITA), or when you're migrating and activating RITA in your system. At some point in your testing, you may see a message telling you that there are changes to your tax box mappings in an open transport. It would look something like this:

In this example, the tax box mappings are for Italy, but that's not a particularly relevant detail.

What is relevant is that you will of course want to pay attention to this message, because incorrect tax box mappings could mean incorrect tax reporting and submission, and that is a problem best avoided.

Here's why you're getting this message in the first place. Have a look at this column:

This is the big addition that RITA gives you. This is the column that's most relevant for your declarations and reporting.

When you activate a country/region version, by default, for the reference content, this is empty. In fact, without RITA, you'd never see it. This column is for RITA, but here's what you need to keep in mind: When you activate RITA, this field is filled with the corresponding company code country.

Let's take this step by step. You want to activate RITA for Germany. Then this column will be filled with "DE" for each line item. This is because now that RITA is active for Germany, now you can add foreign registrations. Once those foreign registrations are added, you can then adjust your tax box mappings accordingly.


What if you have open transports with tax box mapping information when you activate RITA? Well, you'll get the error message above, because otherwise, your changes would be overwritten and you would have a high risk of having inconsistent data in your P system.

So the solution is to perform any tax-related maintenance before initiating the RITA activation. Then, once RITA is active in all of your systems, you can resume tax-related maintenance. Remember that you'll be activating in each of your systems sequentially, and that you won't be performing any tax-related maintenance until RITA is active in all of your systems. The process for this is described in detail on the SAP Help Portal.

Back to our topic at hand: What to do if you see this message.

You have two options.

If you're working in a system from which you would transport, then you need to release your transports containing tax box mappings maintenance before proceeding with the RITA migration.

If, however, you're seeing this message in a system from which you won't be transporting, you'll need a bit of help. So if you're seeing this message in a sandbox, starter, or  demo system, open an incident for component FI-GL-GL-F, and we can get that resolved for you.