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The SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition 2308 release has come with many new features for the My Home page. One of the more exciting features is the customisable news feed. While the news feature is not new to the My Home page it has been enhanced extensively. End users can now manage the news content shown on the My Home page making the My Home page even more customisable. This blog will detail how administrators can set up this feature and also how end users can use it.  

My Home News Feed

To use this new feature the news feed first has to be configured by a system administrator. The system administrator must be assigned the extensibility specialist role (SAP_BR_EXTENSIBILITY_SPEC). Currently the news feed can be a company RSS feed but now since the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition 2308 release the administrator can upload and customise their S/4HANA Cloud system news. SAP S/4HANA Cloud system news can be accessed via the Release Assessment and Scope Dependency (RASD) tool. It is an add on tool for SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers, which provides a personalised view of SAPs  What’s New Viewer  and much more.

Release Assessment and Scope Dependency (RASD) tool

To customise the news feed content you must access the Release Assessment and Scope Dependency (RASD) tool. The RASD landing page contains a card that shows changed, new objects and must know What’s New items for the customer’s used scope or activated scope for the selected release.  When you click on this card, it shows a tabular view of this information. The card also contains a “Download Improvements” button, which lets you download the same information into an excel file. This excel file contains information such as line of business, solution area, title and description etc. Currently, system news with the SAP S/4HANA, public edition 2308 release works only with RASD exports in English. Therefore, the RASD tool language will have to be set to English. As the RASD tool is using the language settings from your browser the language of your browser will have to be changed to English and the RASD application will have to be reloaded.


Sample RASD excel file

After downloading this excel, it can then be uploaded as the custom news feed for the S/4HANA Cloud My Home page. Administrators can also add, remove or update the content of the excel to customise the presented information to their end users as long as the structure of the excel remains unchanged. To upload the excel administrators must click Adapt UI in the User Actions Menu. The application reloads in the runtime adaptation mode.   

User Action Menu

The UI Adaptation mode is selected by default. To configure the visibility and source of the news feed you can click within the overlay of the page and select the Personalize My Home option that pops up.

UI Adaption mode

From the subsequent My Home Settings dialog select the Pages section. 

My Home Settings dialog

Select the News Feed widget. Check ‘Show Custom News Feed’ and then Browse for your RASD excel file and Upload it. Upon making these changes, you must click Save. To activate all the saved changes, click the magic wand icon present on the toolbar at the top. 

News Feed Widget

Upload of RASD excel

Once the news feed has been configured the news feed is displayed in a carousel form to end users. On click of a particular news segment details of the news from the uploaded excel is shown in the pop up.

News segment from news feed

End users can now personalise the news feed based on their chosen line of business by using the Manage News option. They can also check whether they only want to see news that requires them to take some action or on a must know basis.  

Manage News

Selecting Line of Business

Now that we have given an overview of how to customise the news feed on the S/4HANA Cloud, public edition My Home page we hope you use this beneficial feature.

Caroline Welsh and Sylvie Charpentier, on behalf of the Cloud ERP UX Engineering team responsible for My Home in SAP S/4HANA.