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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
When you use the transition scenario conversion to S/4HANA 1610, in the Prepare phase, a precheck report has to be run to identify important steps to take to make system compatible with conversion process. This report should be run in every system in the landscape SBX/DEV/QAS/PROD although they all may be identical in reality we see that this is often not the case.

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In ERP System apply Note 2182725 - S4TC Delivery of the SAP S/4HANA System Conversion Checks Apply the note in client 000, the report also has to be run from 000.

Note 2182725 requires 21 notes listed above. Each of them has to be downloaded and applied manually. Once all these notes are applied please confirm the dialog with confirmed checkmark in the above dialog.

Here is the list of notes applied in ERP6/EHP7/HANA system,The dependent notes are shown on right and Note 2185960 has 36 dependent notes. None of the notes require manual steps and it should be click ... click ... click and go !

Normally this task is just assigned to some Basis guy and all of the above is just some “Functional stuff”. You do need to have some functional guy go through the notes and provides valuable information. Above Note 2216943 (S4TC SRM_SERVER Master Check for S/4 System Conversion Checks) points to Note 2251946 - Informational note about migration of SAP SRM shopping carts to SAP S/4 HANA SSP. This Note has a guide sc_mig_guide_v1.pdf which is titled “Migration of SAP SRM Shopping Carts during system conversion to SAP S/4HANA”. The issues in your system will be flagged in the pre-check report as is shown in later in the blog.

TIP: The report R_S4_PRE_TRANSITION_CHECKS has to be run in client 000 as per conversion guide. But as this is only a check, I ran it in all clients and found some additional items not found in client 00 check report.

In Client 000 enter tCode SE38 program R_S4_PRE_TRANSITION_CHECKS
Initially screen will show field names below but after the first execution you will see the proper text.

Please see report below:
If required open a ticket on the corresponding component for check class mentioned in the error message. For add-on contact add-on vendor.

TIP: For No Check Class exists please refer Note 2262098 - "No Check Class exists for software component XXX" from R_S4_PRE_TRANSITION_CHECKS re...

TIP: In the above part of the report we see some of the items that are already explained in simplification report in detail like SAP ERP shopping cart is considered obsolete and is replaced by SAP S/4HANA application. All this is explained in detail in the sc_mig_guide_v1.pdf file attached to Note discussed earlier.

The overall check result return code must be lower or equal to 4. Otherwise the Software Update Manager (SUM) will not be able to perform the conversion of your system. In case of errors, follow the instructions in the messages to refer SAP Notes. Resolve all issues until the check report results in a return code lower or equal to 4.
Return Code equal to 4 issues if not mitigated can cause data loss although it may not block conversion.


This is a check for Finance as per Note 2333236 - Composite SAP Notes: Enhancements and message texts for the program RASFIN_MIGR_PRECH...

Also please refer the comprehensive document FIN_S4_CONV_1610.PDF - Converting Your Accounting Components to SAP S/4HANA attached to Note 2332030 Conversion of accounting to SAP S/4HANA

Apply Note 1939592 - SFIN: Pre-Check Report for migrating to New Asset Accounting to get latest version of report RASFIN_MIGR_PRECHECK

TIP: Please note the report has to be run every productive client.

In Client 100 enter tCode SE38 execute RASFIN_MIGR_PRECHECK

In addition, there is another check for Finance as per Note 2333236 - Composite SAP Notes: Enhancements and message texts for the program RASFIN_MIGR_PRECH...

You need to run reports below as shown in the doc. Please refer to updated version of doc.:


Read Note 1872170 - Business Suite on HANA and S/4HANA sizing report to find the latest note to be applied through SNOTE. Currently it is 2367595 correction 7.

If you have ST-PI 2008_1_(700-710) or ST-PI 740 SP00 or higher you can apply Note 2367595 - Suite on HANA memory Sizing report - Advanced correction 7If you do not have above ST-PI this ST-PI level then you may Note "cannot be Implemented". In this case either apply ST-PI to above level or use manual procedure discussed in Note 1872170.

In your ERP system, set the parameter rdisp/max_wprun_time = 3600 and ensure DB stats is up-to-date.

Enter tCode SE38 and /SDF/HDB_SIZING

If you have more processes available increase number of parallel processes. Run report in Background.

TIP: The sizing report indicates whether system is Unicode so you know if it is a single step migration. It also indicates Version of OS, version of Database, SAP Kernel and also Netweaver Release. Please check if these individual components need to be upgraded as per Release Information Note. From this report in the section SIZING RESULTS IN GB, you can find out additional memory requirement for a shadow instance.

Hope the above information has been useful in your efforts for S/4HANA conversion.

Mahesh Sardesai
Product Expert – S/4HANA RIG (Regional Implementation Group)