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Recently, I noticed that several customers reported issue that after system upgrade, when they try to run VF01(or VA01), they encountered dump as below:
"The current ABAP program "SAPMV60A" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

In include "SD_SEPA_BADI_AKTIV ", in line 4 of program

"SAPMV60A", the following syntax errors have occurred:

TRY and CATCH SYSTEM-EXCEPTIONS cannot be used simultaneously."

They can also see the same error when they try to do syntax error check for include SD_SEPA_FAKTURA_BADI_AKTIV:

This issue is normally caused by "catch system-exception" statement in custom enhancement which conflicts with  "try.. catch" statement in Include SD_SEPA_BADI_AKTIV.

To resolve the issue, you need find out where "catch system-exception" statement is used and do corresponding adjustment.

Firstly, I tried to search catch statement in program SAPMV60A(you can find program information from ST22 dump file) in the following way:

But I failed to find any "catch system-exception" statement.

In this case, you need to search catch in main program:

This time, you can see where  "catch system-exception" statement is used:
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