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Partners and customers were using Account Hierarchy Price List and Customer Hierarch Discount List, with support of upto 5 levels of hierarchy support , with SAP Business ByDesign 2208 release now we support upto 10 levels of Account and Customer Hierarchy for Price List and Discount List respectively. the business case would be, in a retail industry customers use account hierarchies to classify customers and apply price and successive discounts.

the Demo and Blog covers the following aspects:

  • How to maintain Account Hierarchy master data

  • How to maintain Account Hierarchy Price List master data

  • How the Price is determined in CRM documents( example: Sales Order document)

New Capabilities

  • Account Hierarchy specific Price List supports up to 10 levels

  • Customer Hierarchy specific Discount List supports up to 10 levels


Benefits for Customers

  • Note: In earlier releases Price Engine used to determine prices and discounts upto 5 level of Account Hierarchy

  • From 2208 release onwards Price Engine supports upto 10 level of Account Hierarchy price and discount determination

  • Improved and Enhanced price and discount determination capabilities


Detailed Steps:

the process consists of mainly 3 steps:

       Step 1: Maintain Account Hierarchy master data.

    • Navigate to Account Management workcenter

    • Navigate to Account Hierarchies workcenter view

    • assign existing Account to any of the account hierarchy

    • Note: during price determination in CRM document, the price engine will try to find / traverse 10 levels of hierarchies in the tree structure, looking for relevant account for which the CRM document is being created.

       Step 2: Maintain Account Hierarchy Price List master data.

    • Navigate to Product and Service Portfolio workcenter

    • Navigate to Pricing -> Price Lists workcenter view

    • Create a new Price List pointing to Account Hierarchy

    • Add the price for specific Product in the Items tab.

    • Note: save and release the price list .

       Step 3: Create CRM document to test price determination from Account Hierarchy Price list

    • Navigate to Sales Order workcenter

    • Navigate to Sales Order workcenter view

    • Create a new sales order document with the same Account ID which is used in Account Hierarchy master data (in this example snapshot above we have used account MC9786)

    • Note: the sales order is created for the same product for which the prices are maintained in Account Hierarchy price list master data ( in this example snapshot above we have used product MCF-0001)


Note: with support of upto 10 levels of Account Hierarchy support , now price engine determines account in the Account Hierarchy master data upto 10 levels of hierarchy search. i.e. at runtime price engine will traverse through 10 levels of account hierarchy looking for relevant account maintained in hierarchy master data.

Note: before 2208 release the system used to support upto only 5 levels and now it supports upto 10 levels of account hierarchy.


Note: for Customer Hierarchy Discount List , please follow same steps as mentioned above , only change is to maintain discount in Product and Service Portfolio workcenter -> Pricing -> Discount Lists workcenter view.