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Let me introduce myself, I am Hidde Sikkes, a Senior Support Engineer for SAP Business One Support. I specialize in the Inventory Module and have many years of experience. I would like to bring to your attention the little known but highly beneficial Enhanced Inventory Valuation Simulation report. 

What is the Enhanced Inventory Valuation Simulation Report? 

Firstly, did you know that everyone can use the Enhanced Inventory Valuation Simulation report? SAP made it available for every region from SAP Business One version 10. It is intended to be a managerial report to check ‘what-if’ scenarios. It can be used to show what will happen to the values if one changes the valuation method, for example from Moving Average to Standard. This can be done for a specific item, or for a complete warehouse inventory. 

Please note that if you use non-perpetual inventory the report is called Inventory Valuation Report. 

Where to find it and how to use it. 

To get all options for the report, you need to enable the Enhanced Inventory Valuation Simulation Report instead of the Classic Valuation Report. This can be done by going to:  Administration → System Initialization → General Settings → Inventory tab → Reporting sub-tab.  

Please note that this setting can be changed at any time. 

You can find the report selection criteria in: Inventory → Inventory Reports → Inventory Valuation Simulation Report. 

On the main selection criteria tab, it opens with the selection criteria used in the last simulation. 

To create what-if scenarios using the report and to use any of the available options, all you need to do is the following: 

  1. Fill out the Selection Criteria and press Run. If you have already used the simulation report you have the option to click “Continue Simulation” or “Display,” otherwise click “Simulation.”

  2. Once the report results are displayed - Click Expand to see everything in detail. 



If you want to analyze the results further, create your own report. The Inventory Valuation Simulation Report uses its own dedicated view - SINM, in which the data from the last run is stored. You can use the following query: 

SELECT * FROM SINM, this will show everything currently present in the SINM view. 

The structure and content of SINM correspond to the OINM view, therefore you can easily reuse your existing queries which were originally designed for OINM - for example, to analyze the results of the Inventory Audit Report. 


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We hope this read has been informative and beneficial. For more blog posts and tips from the SAP Business One Support team, please visit our space on the communities:https://blogs.sap.com/tag/b1-support-spotlight/ 


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