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We are streamlining our processes to make supporting this product more efficient.

From now on, we will be asking customers to answer each question in KBA 1736778 before we will proceed.

We are doing this to lessen the number of 'back and forth' replies needed to process a Nakisa message and also we hope that for customers reading through these KBA's before creating a message you will be able to see the thought processes we go through when we see a new message.

At present about 70% of messages are returned to customer asking for more information without us doing any technical analysis.

Our questions are usually to ask for steps, a screenshot, the CDS log.

Depending on your timezone this can add at least an extra day to the processing time of a message.

Sometimes we get one liners like "We have a performance problem", or "We have a problem with an OrgUnit not displaying properly" (with no screenshot or info telling us if it's one OrgUnit or many).

Some customers will not tell us the affected Nakisa module until we ask, e.g OrgChart.

I have seen on a number of occassions where a customer creates a forum post, there is a hugh amount of information on this post and then they create a message (without mentioning post) and we get the bare minimum and have to start the process of getting information out of them again (unless we happen to see the post on the forum).

I have even seen where a customer will create a post and the initial description will have more information than the initial description of the CSS message they subsequently create.

Some of this can be attributed to an over estimation of our knowledge of your system landscape. When creating a message some customers link it to the NW that Nakisa is sitting on, others link it to the ECC and others link it to a random system so we have found that the information that we would have for normal SAP messages is not very reliable when dealing with a Nakisa message, this is why we need you to give us the landscape information in each message. Also, we may be able to get some system information but if we forward a message to Nakisa they might not be.

We also have no way of knowing which build you are on without asking.

You are probably asking "why do I need to fill this out each time, this will add extra work". The idea we have is that you would collect this information once and then save it on a Word or text document and either attach it to the message or paste it's contents into the beginning of the message.

These 5 items are the most important things to include in a message.

  • Has the problem been occurring since a specific event? (upgrade, transport, implementation of a note / patch) 
  • Does this issue occur for all users or just a select few? 
  • If you notice this issue on a specific Nakisa module e.g. Succession Planning, please check another Nakisa module such as OrgChart to let us know if the same occurs (many issues can be replicated in more than one module)
  • Most customers have a Test/Dev and Production system. If issue is noticed on one of these please test on one of the other systems and let us know if same occurs. 
  • Please replicate this and send us the CDS log entries for ONLY when this was replicated. (some customers give us a week worth of logs) Please, before creating a message check the log. We have many occassions where a customer will give us the log after we asked for it and the answer is clear.

For issues with installing/upgradding Addon please fill in KBA 1736777 and for performance issues please fill in KBA 1736779.

1736777 Support Questions for issues with Addon/TP installation for Nakisa

1736779 Support Questions for Performance issues on STVN by Nakisa

1736778 Support Questions for issues with STVN by Nakisa

1704506 Support Process for CSS messages

This is not to add more work to our customers but to bring down the amount of time it takes to resolve an issue by getting straight to the technical part instead of wasting time on trying to get more information.

Hope this is informative.

Kind Regards,


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