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Product and Topic Expert

SuccessFactors Employee Central runs Early Adopter Program for SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI).

In Q4 2015 - Q1 2016 the SuccessFactors Employee Central (SF EC) runs the HCI Early Adopter Program for selected EC customers.

The participated customers can download, configure, and validate the HCI middleware content that is provided for the prepackaged integration.

The customers can replicate employee master data, organization management data or cost center using HCI.

This blog describes how to swap easily the BOOMI middleware for HCI middleware on example of the prepackaged integration for Cost Center from the SAP ERP to SF EC.

The existing BOOMI customers could reuse their configuration in ERP.

Both BOOMI and HCI Cost Center prepackaged integrations use the intermediate document (IDoc) ODTF_CCTR, which is provided with AddOn ODTFINCC and the standard SF EC SOAP message.

1. Prerequisites for the prepackage integration

The prepackaged integration uses the AddOn ODTFINCC 600 with SP10 or higher.

If the customers are already using the prepackaged Cost Center replication with BOOMI as a middleware they can re-use the AddOn and their IDOC configuration in the ERP.

In general, there are two main steps to set up the configuration:

  • Configuration in SAP HCI system.
  • Configuration in SAP ERP system (mainly set up of the RFC connection with HCI).

2.  Configuration in SAP HCI

To ensure the securely communication you need to set up the certificates and permissions in SAP HCI and SAP ERP systems.

You need to set up the technical integration user in Employee Central, which will be used by HCI to communicate with SF EC.

If you apply the Cost Center Package Content in HCI Web UI you could start the configuration.

2.1 Configure Sender (to connect with SAP ERP)

The default value of the Address field is “/ERP_to_EC_CostCenter_Replication_IDoc”. However, you could change it.

2.2 Configure Receiver (to connect with SF EC)

In Address field enter the base URL of the API server of SuccessFactors system.

The default value of the Address Suffix field is “/sfapi/v1/soap”.

In the Credential Name field enter the symbolic name of the credentials for SF Employee Center.

2.3 Configure Process Parameters

Set value of Parameter “TRANSFER_NAME_AND_DESCRIPTION” to “true” if you want to replicate name and description of the Cost Center.

2.4 Maintain the Language Table if you replicate name and description fields

If  you set value of Parameter “TRANSFER_NAME_AND_DESCRIPTION” to “true” you have to maintain the language mapping.

3. Configuration in the SAP ERP

The prepackaged integration uses the intermediate document (IDoc) ODTF_CCTR. You have to configure the ALE connections as usual.

3.1 Create a RFC destination for HCI  (type G).

In “Target Host” enter the runtime URL of your SAP HCI environment (without https://)

In the “Path Prefix” enter the value of the Address field, which you configured in HCI Sender.

Create port in IDoc processing (XML/http) for integration (transaction WE21), partner profile (transaction WE20) and maintain distribution model (transaction BD64) for message ODTF_CCTR as usual by the IDoc configuration.

Now you can replicate the Cost Center from SAP ERP to SFSF EC.

4. Replication of Cost Center from SAP ERP to SF EC

4.1 Create Cost Center in ERP (transaction KS01).

4.2 Start Replication Report ODTF_REPL_CC for this Cost Center.

You could also activate and use the Change Pointers to replicate the changes of the Cost Center automatically.

Enter Receiver Partner No. that you have created in Partner Profile.

Enter the Start Date. The Start Date is used as a Transmission Start Date and shall not be changed.

The report creates ODTF_CCTR IDoc and triggers the replication to the HCI.

4.3 HCI Monitoring

In HCI Monitoring you could check the status of the replication.

4.4  Check Cost Center in SF EC.

Finally, in SF EC you can check the replicated Cost Center.

The Cost Center 1411 of the Controlling Area 2000 has been successfully replicated to SF Employee Center.

You have configured the Cost Center prepackaged integration with HCI and replicated the Cost Center from SAP ERP to SF EC.