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This functionality has been available since Q3 2015. (Please see this blog from Philip Morley announcing the arrival of letter generation with EC).  Since that time, we have added ESS and MSS capabilities to the solution, on top of the already supported HR Administrator scenarios.

Document Generation is driven by role-based authorization for managing, mapping and generating documents.

The Document template creation is supported by a Rich text editor, local or global (website-based) images and multiple-language support.

Here are some examples of the types of letters which can be generated using Employee Central Document Generation:

  • Employment verification letters
  • Proof of Earnings statement
  • Promotion / Bonus letters
  • Welcome / termination letter
  • Transfer / Global Assignment letter
  • Work reference letters

Who are the target audience for Employee Central Document Generation?

  • As already mentioned, the letter generation capability is available for Employees, Managers and HR Administrators.
  • Employee Central Document Generation is the recommended tool for basic HR correspondence needs with links to the content maintained in Employee Central.
  • As of the Q3 2016 release, EC-Document Generation is automatically switched-on for EC customers.  There is no longer any need to activate Document Generation in Admin Tools.  All that is required is to define the specific roles and responsibilities for document generation within EC (so-called Role Based Permission set-up) and to configure the customer’s specific content (templates, data mapping, ESS / MSS specific templates).

What are the capabilities of the SuccessFactors – Document Management Service (DMS)?

  • SuccessFactorsDocument Management Service is being developed as a SuccessFactors Suite-Wide lightweight integration service with select enterprise content management vendors. The goal is to evaluate customer demand and provide integration to third-party partner Cloud-based ECM products. Currently this includes People Doc, OpenText and generic solutions like Box and Google drive.  These third party vendors provide the necessary API and configuration for SuccessFactors to include these solutions as part of the Document Management Service.
  • As of the Q3 2016 release, SuccessFactors the DMS provides out-of-box integrations with People Doc and Box for SF Recruiting and Employee Profile.

Does Employee Central Document Generation utilize SuccessFactors – Document Management Service (DMS)?

  • Document Generation is one step in the Document management life cycle.
  • As of the Q3 2016 release, EC Document Generation allows authorized users to design, map and email generated documents, basing on role-based permissions of users, using data in Employee Central.  HR Administrators have the ability to store documents on demand via the download capability; target employees / end-users receive their generated documents viae-Mail.
  • Our near-term future roadmap contains plans to utilize the DMS framework for document storage.

Can partner solutions for document generation be utilized and run integrated workflow mechanism from SucessFactors Employee Central?

  • Partner Solutions can be utilized by customers as and when required. Customers are free to choose third party document generation solutions to meet their specific requirements.  As already mentioned, SuccessFactors Employee Central Document Generation  delivers out-of-the-box standard, basic letter generation use cases for the HR Administrator, the employee and manager alike.  We have a defined roadmap for future functionality.
  • All partner solutions utilize SuccessFactorsODataAPIs to access the relevant Employee Data – therefore there really is no specific focus on any given partner solution. Any document management / letter generation partner solution which is capable of using our APIs for accessing employee data can be considered by the customer.
  • At this time, we are not aware of any partner solution which integrates in EC Workflows. It is possible to have the two solutions running in parallel, with a menu entry in SuccessFactors to the chosen partner solution and to have the target user involved in the EC workflow, say the HR Administrator, act as the integration link between the two solutions.

Where can I find the SuccessFactors solution roadmap link?

The SuccessFactors roadmap, valid until September 2016, is available via the link below ( please refer to the Localization section for more information on Document Generation):