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Product and Topic Expert

Introducing LATAM SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign Latino América ​ Intelligent Enterprise Innovation Awards 2020-2021

Thank you for the commitment and effort, our 1st Edition has been a success!

  • 1st Edition with 31 Partners Applying for their smart projects

  • 12 Countries belonging to North, Mexico, South and Brazil.

  • Using smart technologies in their developments


  • Select the most important SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign development projects in Latin America, including Intelligent technologies

Registration ended on November 15th 2020

Winners will be announced shortly, Please stay tuned.

Winners was announced on the LAC Partner Morning Show on 03/06/2021 see it on this Blog Post


This blog post summaries the solution submissions – Delivering the Intelligent Enterprise for SME. As a result, 21 solutions submissions have been received

Region Submissions (21):

  • Brasil: (4)

  • Mexico: (6)

  • LAC - North: (9)

  • LAC - South (2)

Using Intelligence Technology as (a project could use more than one technology):

  • SAP Qualtrics (1)

  • IoT (5)

  • Advanced Analytics (5)

  • Machine Learning (6)

  • Image Recognition (3)

  • Conversational AI (7)

  • RPA (1)

Here list the submissions

Submission#1 – Intelligent Laboratory Management

Partner: Addvisory Group Caribe - from Dominican Republic

Technology: IoT, Advanced Analytics

Industry: Health

Key words SAP Business One, 

Solution Summary:

The medical record or patient medical history is composed of folders with reports written on paper, x-rays and sonograms in physical media, which are very difficult to keep protected and orderly. They are often damaged or lost, with the consequent risk of legal contingencies for the clinic and harm to the patient.

These records must leverage technology in order to be digitally managed, automatically recovering diagnostic results and facilitating the integration of devices, entities and data automatically and digitally.

The application allows the provision of electronic diagnostic services to patients, to be authorized from ERP documents (invoices, orders, etc.). Also, electronic results can be validated from the ERP for documentation and download purposes. Finally, the coverage management of assured, is automated by using web services that integrate SAP billing, with the electronic authorization of the insurance company.

Submission#2 – Petty Cash

Partner: CEO Consultoría  - from Dominican Republic

Technology: Machine Learning, Image Recognition

Industry: all LoB

Key words SAP Business One, LoB, Cash Flow, Pitty cash 

Solution Summary:

Track and manage all small box transactions easily. Manual writing of receipts. Issue a down payment and relate expenses and returns/claims to the prepayment amount.

To be able to handle the different types of concepts of small box, lunch, travel, fuel, among others. All this integrated into SAP Business One.

Automatic synchronization of SAP Business One fund changes to the Add-on. In expense reports, you manage several cost centers, as well as different branches and departments within SAP Business One.

Submission#3 – PriceBot

Partner: Consensus S.A.S - from Colombia

Technology: RPA

Industry: Sales, Retail, General Businesses,

Key words SAP Business One, Prices, RPA, Bot, Azure, Aws

Solution Summary:

With the increase and massification of sales in the different virtual purchasing portals, it is now possible to know the sale price, additional characteristics of each product and different suppliers, however its analysis becomes complex by handling large amounts of information, which is vital when determining what a competitive price should be that allows a growing company to gain more space in the market. For this reason, the extraction of information quickly, reliably and in real time, is a vital need in the development of intelligent companies, adopting technologies such as RPA that allow decision-making quickly.

To know the market and prices of similar products with respect to mass trading platforms such as MercadoLibre and Linio, in an agile way.

Pricebot receives from SAP Business One, a system that centralizes item master data information, trade descriptions, and retail prices for further analysis.

Submission#4 – ISA Image Supply Assistant

Partner: Exxis Ecuador - from Ecuador

Technology: Image Recognition

Industry: All LoB

Key words SAP Business One, LoB, Image Recognition, Google

Solution Summary:

The function of Purchasing within organizations, requires a clear description of the Inputs or services that are needed for the correct operation Currently one of the weaknesses that has been identified in the procurement and sourcing process, is that there is a lack of precision in the purchases of goods, obtaining as a result, non-effective or efficient purchases.

It is unquestionable that today's business world needs a purchasing function that generates Value Added Management in the organization, for which it is required:

  • Resource Optimization

  • Cost Reduction

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency

In the SAP Business One "Purchase Request", you can interact with vendor image recognition and recommendation. It gives us the ease of consulting, comparing, creating items and suppliers.

Submission#5 – Company in your hands

Partner: Heinsohn Business Technology - from Colombia

Technology: Conversational AI, Advanced Analytics

Industry: All LoB

Key words SAP Business One, LoB, reports, power BI, Azure

Solution Summary:

All entrepreneurs need to be always connected and hope to be able to make decisions based on indicators and reports, but often this information is out of date or simply not available on time. This is why a solution is required that is accessible and facilitates real-time information. With this tool you will no longer need to wait for the end of the month to view and analyze specific company information. You will be able to access your reports at the time and place that requires it

Today, it is essential to have the information in a timely manner in order to take appropriate actions. In today's environment, decisions are made "on the road", so connectivity, mobility and time optimization are vital for any entrepreneur. This is where it shows how critical it is for a company to have the information online in a timely manner, as well as perform real-time analysis, which represents great benefits for any organization. The cell phone is more than a device for messages and calls, and with our development you can turn this device into a report receiver intended to have the company in the palm of your hands, being a strategic tool for the growth of any company. Simply have the Whatsapp app installed and periodically you will have the updated and relevant information of your company.

Power BI, in its multiple connection possibilities, allows the consumption of the different modules of SAP Business One, with these data sources can be accessed and connected to the SAP application server in order to extract the information required by each organization.

Submission#6 – Intelligent WMS

Partner: Integración de Información, S.A. (Integra) - from Guatemala 

Technology: Conversational AI, IoT, Machine Learning

Industry: Wholesale and Distribution.

Key words SAP Business One, Wholesale, Voice, Picking, RFID, Machine Learning

Solution Summary:

Warehouses face challenges such as:

  • Compliance with response times to ensure that there are no delays in dispatches and therefore do not provide poor customer service.

  • Have an adequate inventory replenishment so that there is no shortage or surplus of it.

  • Lack of visibility because there is not enough information or because the existing information is incorrect.

  • Having an adequate turnover of inventories that does not impact costs, among other.

Intelligent eWMS is a comprehensive solution that uses state-of-the-art technology that responds to the need to automate the operations management of distribution center and warehouse processes, which seek to improve their return rates and be more competitive; optimizing warehouse activities including: Receiving, placing, internal movements, picking and product clearance; facility and storage management, physical inventory and planned and timely cross-docking.

The system has complete interfaces to SAP B1, so that at the time of any inventory-related procedure it will be reflected in both systems, such as a purchase order entered in SAP B1 that would involve reviewing inventory stocks and reductions in it at the time of delivery to the customer.

Submission#7 – Hiby Assistant

Partner: Seidor Colombia - from Colombia

Technology: Conversational AI

Industry: Software, IT Services

Key words SAP Business ByDesign, Software, Voice, Chat, Bots

Solution Summary:

Currently the business experience that customers gain is very limited, either because of unavailability or lack of customization to attend product or service inquiries make the customer desist.

It requires facilitating and simplifying the business process by the company, streamlining and exposing information that is useful to customers and also having implemented a solution to provide resources to the user to speed up the technological adoption process.

Through a web mashup, the virtual assistant was integrated into ByDesign, without leaving the system interacts with Hiby to obtain value information that the partner makes available to them.

Submission#8 – Digital transformation in customer service

Partner: Software and Consulting Group - from Costa Rica

Technology: Conversational AI, Advanced Analytics

Industry: Services, wholesales, Retail. Car Dealers.

Key words SAP Business One,  Voice, Chat, Bots, Customer Service, Whatsup 

Solution Summary:

Today customers demand fast, effective and personalized customer service. In order to provide a faster response, many of the service agents use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers, due to the great popularity of this messaging app worldwide, however agents use WhatsApp on their private phone and therefore could violate privacy and/or data confidentiality rules. In case of a change of employment, they retain the customer's information. It also takes time to manually register service tickets in the SAP Business One service module generated by this channel.

Have a new service channel through WhatsApp where customers can make their queries or requests, and you are being treated by a Chatbot (Virtual Agent) integrated with SAP Business One.

Some features:

  • Business Partners Management

  • View statement (sales documents and payments received)

  • Creating service calls.

  • Query service calls.

Submission#9 – DMS Sypsoft360

Partner: Sypsoft360 - from Ecuador

Technology:  Advanced Analytics

Industry: Car Dealers.

Key words SAP Business One, Reporting. Service Layer

Solution Summary:

Within the automotive world we seek to better solve and manage through SAP Business One the following points: Optimization and control of resources in operations. Attention in workshops by brand and sales detail. Notification service Guarantees granted to customers

Optimize processes, reduce operating times and total control of the workshop.

Submission#10 – Order Sales Platform BotWhatsap

Partner: Actualisap Consultores Bolivia - from Bolivia

Technology: Conversational AI

Industry: General Business.

Key words SAP Business One, Voice, Chat, Bots, Customer Service, Whatsup, Google 

Solution Summary:

The difficulty of accessing e-commerce tools such as mobile websites or app, in addition to not having an ERP or CRM, are factors that have made small shops or entrepreneurs resort to tools such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and other social networks to be able to market their products and services. This brings two difficulties: 1. It is mandatory to be attentive to the device where the sales platform is managed by answering inquiries from occasional customers. 2. It is not easy to order the requirements received, since these tools do not allow you to perform basic tasks in the marketing of products such as: inventory control, register orders, etc. The aim is to provide a basic environment that allows these tools to be integrated with an ERP, e-commerce or CRM, as well as to automate customer service through a Chatbot that interacts with the customer and makes the process more efficient.

Integrate all possible marketing channels (app, web, mobile devices, social networks, etc.) into a single controlled environment and make efficient use of all resources.

The integration of the chatbot with SBO is done through the Service Layer, Odata and allows the registration of business partners, sales orders, invoices and payments received. In addition, you can obtain product information, product categories, stock, prices, debts, and maturities.

Submission#11 – Intelligent Digitalization Purchase Invoices

Partner: Software and Consulting Group - from Chile

Technology: Machine Learning.

Industry: Consumer goods, Industrial Materials, Services, Retail, wholesale distribution and manufacturing.

Key words SAP Business One, Machine Learning, A/P Invoices, AWS, SAP BTP

Solution Summary:

Companies need to quickly and securely collect a wealth of information for further decision-making. There are currently many companies that have to manually enter vendor invoices into Business One, which takes significant time for collaborators to load data that are subject to human error.

To have a solution that helps companies, in automating the manual process of extracting relevant data from vendor invoices, in just a few seconds, eliminating any manual registration and creating the document in Business One.

Some Features:

  • Master Data (business partners, articles, sales tax codes) Management.

  • Find preliminary documents.

  • Creating preliminary documents and vendor invoices.


Submission#12 –  Codificate

PartnerDexterity from México

Industry: Retail, Food, Restaurants and Beverage

Key words:  Retail, Point of Sales(POS), SAP Business One, Chatbot

Solution Summary:

To carry out monetary transactions, cash, bank cards and other digital solutions are too expensive or put shops at risk of robberies. Furthermore, it is not possible for organizations to guarantee a healthy distance that prevents the transmission of viruses. Codificate works through a chatbot that interacts with the end user, learning from each conversation to make a flow increasingly natural and stimulating. SAP Conversational AI is 100% compatible with SAP Business One, it is the final link in the chain of interaction with the end user.


Submission#13 – Dintec Machine Learning SCM configurator

PartnerDintec Consulting from México

Industry: Retail – Wholesale Distribution

Key words: Machine Learning, SAP Business By Design

Solution Summary:

On some occasions, when companies manage a large number of products, it is difficult to analyze and then adjust some parameters in the supply chain individually, which in turn generates inefficiencies in stock management, that is, there may be an excess or shortage of stock. The intelligent technology will evaluate the sales and the behavior of the suppliers related to each of the products, according to the configurations and the historical times that are to be evaluated. Taking into account this information and some business rules, the system will change the parameters of the supply chain using Machine Learning technologies that will affect the result in the MRP executions and will generate the purchase requests.

Submission#14 – RSMobile

Partner: Redsinergia Consultoria Gerencial SA de CV from  México

Industry: Retail – Wholesale Distribution

Key words: Machine Learning, SAP Business By Design, SAP Business One, GPS

Solution Summary:

Companies with field salespeople have a great problem to ensure that salespeople visit their customer, as well as the application of commercial conditions or promotions and that they are delivered to the customers. In this turn of industries, it is difficult to measure the efficiency and success of your salespeople. With the Google Maps Directions API, the optimal route of all geolocated clients on their route is traced. The GPS coordinates of all customers are sent, and the API returns the order of visit to reduce transfer times and optimize the movement of the sales force.



Submission#15 – SIEM

PartnerTáctica TI SA de CV from  México

Industry: All the industries

Key words: Machine Learning, SAP Business One, Automation, RPA.

Solution Summary

Companies requires to automate repetitive processes such as: Crossing of information for tax purposes, confirmation of tax documents in their ERPs, helping users to facilitate the capture and generation of legal documentation.  Combining tools as Microsoft 365 (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Flow) y SAP Business One (Service Layer) SIEM Solution provides automatic validation of tax information, authorization processes outside SAP Business One, Registration of Purchasing documents.

Submission#16 – Smart Retail

Partner: Xamai from México

Industry: Retail

Key words: Machine Learning, SAP Business One, Chatbot, Voice Recognition.

Solution Summary

Consumers have changed their buying patterns and behaviors, they are increasingly educated on the characteristics and above all, benefits of the products and / or services to be purchased or, because confinement and the pandemic have forced them towards digital purchases and have more space to conduct research. The systems use "ARI" intelligent voice assistant that helps the customer to locate the required information of the product and intelligence to perform searches in different order of words, with spelling mistakes and even phonetic search.


Submission#17 – Integration SAP Business One & SAP Qualtrics

PartnerALFA from Brazil

Industry: Cross.

Key words: XM, SAP Business One, ML, Qualtrics.

Solution Summary

Currently, SAP Qualtrics allows to measure the entire customer experience and sentiment, however, on its own, it is unable to present sentiments based on the product line that the customer buys or even cross if that customer is classified as A, B. or C according to consumption, since this information is in the ERP. With that, ALFA joined the customer's experience and sentiment, crossing with the transactional information of SAP Business One, allowing powerful information for managers in real time.Combining SAP Qualtrics, SAP Cloud Platform Integration and SAP Business One Hana through Service Layer, a solution that provides the consolidation of results in the ERP SAP Business One, where through Service Layer the data is modeled in SAP HANA Views and finally delivered as dashboards and KPIs in the SAP Business One Cockpit in real time, generating deep customer understanding, strategic insights, and providing advanced analytics to leverage the smart business.


Submission#18 – Good One

Partner: G2 Tecnología from Brazil

Industry: Manufacturing.

Key words: OCR, IOT, SAP Business One.

Solution Summary

The solution notifies the warehousing industry of the arrival of delivery vehicles as soon as they arrive at the company using OCR technology integrated into SAP B1. The user is also informed in SAP B1 which products will be delivered automatically, eliminating typographical errors and collaborating with a previous organization of parking spaces, weighing scales and storage. This is fulfil by an Intelligent process using IoT based on OCR and integrated with tax information adding value to the company's supply chain by improving procedures with efficiency in the logistics process.



Submission#19 – Automation of animal food diet

PartnerLiberali from Brazil

Industry: Agrobusiness.

Key words: IOT, SAP Business One.

Solution Summary

Reduce the fattening time of cattle to meet the growing world demand for animal protein sources, using the efficient management strategy of the feed diet, keeping production costs under control, ensuring the viability of the operation. Via computer or tablet in the truck + connection to the scale + RFID reader + Add-on Farm4All + Communication with SAP the result is the execution of the data transition between the application and SAP Business One. The app sends the data to SAP and receive information about what must be done, such as: the amount of food to be poured into the feedlot.


Submission#20 – Social Network Integration

PartnerRamo from Brazil

Industry: Cross

Key words:ML, SAP Business One.

Solution Summary

Publish marketing material into social networks, such as Facebook, and get feedback on the audience interaction such as likes, positive and negative comments on the published material. Also evaluate marketing campaigns in terms of the generated leads. Implemented through loosely coupled web services. Hosted on HANA platform. Deployed on cloud environment and using of sentiment analysis

Submission#21 – Smart Sales & Face Recognation

PartnerSeidor Tecnologia da Informação from Brazil

Industry: Retail

Key words: ML, SAP Business One, Face Recognition.

Solution Summary

Identify customers who enter the store without the need for a salesperson to approach and ask for name and phone number. Present products that the customer usually buys in an interactive and innovative way, delivering an exceptional experience achieving customer loyalty. This solution automates the customer recognition process in the SAP Business One on HANA database, providing the end customer with a personalized shopping experience with the possibility of exclusive discounts on products he usually buys. stores and retain customer loyalty with an exclusive shopping experience.



This concludes all the submissions of LATAM SAP Business One & SAP Business ByDesign Latino América ​ Intelligent Enterprise Innovation Awards 2020-2021. We are in the process of reviewing all the submissions and selecting the finalists, which will be announced shortly. Please stay tuned.

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