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The leave application provided by SAP system has evolved over last many years from ITS to JAVA and ABAP webdynpro. Universal worklist to My inbox uses the business workflow templates which are used with various MSS roles.

This blog throws some light on the issues which are easy to resolve but takes a lot of analysis to identify the core issue. We face these issues because matching all the right release level at ERP is a tedious job and we need more than one skill to assure the match.

1. If you are using uwl and if you get a blank page (Blank page means there is nothing on the browser page, not even a header) then what should you do?

Step 1. Please check your obn logs of uwl. go to your portal url (http://xxxx.xxxx.com:xxxxx/nwa)

Follow path troubleshooting->logs and traces->log viewer

Look for ERROR, if the error is Refer to message ID: com.sap.ep.obn.008.

This error is related to OBN which means that you must have implemented below notes.

ESS LEA: Web Dynpro ABAP based Leave Request use in UWL

Modifications to UWL configuration file in BP MSS Add-On 1.0

Modifications to UWL configuration file in BP MSS 1.51

All the above notes refer to the customization of xml the xml customization in most cases use obn hence you must assure that obn for leave request is correctly defined.

Next step is to check the OBN (Object based navigation) properties.

  • Follow path in portal content directory as shown below. you need to open the iview that you are using for approval. Please note that all leave applications use either abap or java iview (application) that is called in the SAP business workflow.

  • Open the approve leave application iview as part of MSS package that you are using. You need to right click and select the object based navigation of the iview and make sure you see an entry as shown below.

  • If the above employee entry is not there then you need to add this object in the iview. To do so Go to  Business object folder and drill down till Employee object that is under human resources folder

  • Select the employee object shown above and add to the iview by right clicking on the object employee.
  • You must assure that your obn is active for leave application by making xml changes for your leave. An example for task 21500003 is provided below.

  • <Property name="page" value="ROLES://portal_content/com.kpa.KPA/com.kpa.HCM/com.sap.pct.addon.mss.PACKAGEMSS/com.sap.pct.addon.mss.Rolesmss/com.sap.pct.addon.mss.ZK_XX50/com.sap.pct.addon.mss.Manager_Self-Service/Overview"/>

Above xml path is to the standard role hence if you are using any custom role then it should point to that respective pcd location.

  • <ItemType name="uwl.task.webflow.TS21500003.SAP_ECC_HumanResources" connector="WebFlowConnector" defaultView="DefaultView" defaultAction="defaultAction" executionMode="default">

<ItemTypeCriteria systemId="SAP_ECC_HumanResources" externalType=" TS21500003" connector="WebFlowConnector"/>


<CustomAttributeSource id="WEBFLOW_CONTAINER" objectIdHolder="externalObjectId" objectType="WebflowContainer" cacheValidity="final">

<Attribute name="REQUESTID" type="string" displayName="Request ID"/>




<Action name="defaultAction" groupAction="" handler="ObjectNavigationLauncher" returnToDetailViewAllowed="yes" launchInNewWindow="yes">


            <Property name="Operation" value="approveleaverequest"/>

<Property name="ObjectValue" value="LRF_REQUEST_ID=${item.REQUESTID}"/>

           <Property name="DynamicParameter" value="LRF_REQUEST_ID=${item.REQUESTID}"/>

            <Property name="openInNewWindow" value="true"/>

            <Property name="ObjectName" value="employee"/>

            <Property name="System" value="SAP_ERP_HumanResources"/>


          <Descriptions default="defaultAction"/>




There are many incomplete and unexplained solutions without step by step guide  the objective of this article is to take a pre implementation check of above based on your respective product Service and Support packs.

Important note - You must assure that you send transport of above changes from DEV TO QA and in QA recreate the transport and send from QA to PRD.