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Product and Topic Expert

The offer

In June 2022 SAP introduced a new Test, Demo and Development offering for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition available to all our partners that would like to try this out in a dedicated environment that can be subscribed following the procedure published in the Partner Portal.

The Cloud test, demo, and development for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, one-system landscape allows you as partners to

  • demonstrate SAP S/4HANA Cloud,

  • evaluate new scope items and add-ons,

  • utilize the available key-user extensibility

  • try and develop using the newly released embedded ABAP Cloud (developer extensibility) experience

  • educate in-house consultants.

Use cases for Test, Demo and Development offering on S/4HANA Cloud, public edition

This instance could also be used by Independent Software Vendors to configure and test the interoperability with their solutions developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform, or 3rd-party Cloud Platform and the embedded SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ABAP environment.

What’s included?

The instance includes the components listed below together with a short explanation:

  • SAP Identity services which include:

    • SAP Identity Authentication Service (IAS) to create and maintain users for SAP CBC and SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

    • SAP Identity Provisioning Service (IPS) to synchronize users between IAS and the managed systems.

  • SAP Central Business Configuration (CBC) used to activate and configure the two SAP S/4HANA Cloud tenants. The activation includes the scoping, finance settings and organizational structure.

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition with one system and two separate tenants

    • Partner Demo Customizing Tenant for all the configuration, test and demonstration activities.

    • Partner Demo Development Tenant where the newly released ABAP Cloud environment is available for development. The development requires a local installation of Eclipse and ABAP Development Tool.

  • SAP Cloud ALM that can be optionally requested to test, validate and demonstrate the implementation and operation functionalities provided to support the application lifecycle management.

Architecture and components included

Both tenants can be activated including sample demo data which is available for several countries. The choice to include this data is available in SAP CBC when you assign the Deployment Target for your project.

Prompt for demo data in SAP Central Business Configuration

How do I activate it?

With the introduction of the new Cloud test, demo, and development for SAP S/4HANA Cloud one-system landscape the provisioning and activation process has been significantly changed.

The same changes have been introduced later on with the release of 3-System Landscape in September 2022 also to customers.

To set up your environment, the provisioning process must be triggered using SAP for Me (for customer) where you will find the entitlements after the order. As SAP is not automatically deploying the tenants (except for the SAP Business Technology Platform), you need to initiate this process.

Once your entitlements are provisioned, a series of steps to activate and setup your test, demo, and development environment have to be followed.

Setting up your SAP Central Business Configuration and SAP S/4HANA Cloud tenants requires a series of activities, such as: replicating the admin user and additional users from SAP Identity Authentication Service, creating SAP Central Business Configuration projects for both SAP S/4HANA Cloud tenants, scoping your solution, setting up or confirming the organizational structure and activating the selected scope.

Afterwards additional SAP S/4HANA Cloud business users can be onboarded.

Important to keep in mind, that while managing users in SAP CBC and SAP Cloud ALM is done via SAP Identity Authentication Service and SAP Identity Provisioning Service. In SAP S/4HANA Cloud there is an additional step, and you will need to first create an employee using the Manage Workforce Fiori app in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

How can you help me?

In SAP I am part of a team called Partner Solution Adoption, and our main task is to help you as SAP Partners to adopt our latest solutions and innovations in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud space.

There is even better news for you: I am not alone; there are many other SAP S/4HANA Cloud specialists working around the world in the same team and having the same mission of supporting you. In the next chapter you will find how to ask for support in this specific topic.

Now coming back to the Test, Demo and Development: my colleagues and I created have created video tutorials to help you throughout this multi-step process. You can access all of the videos from the following links:

  1. Provisioning process overview available here.

  2. Part 1: SAP for Me and initial system provisioning to guide you in the initial request to provision the different components included in this offering

  3. Part 2: Identity Authentication / Provisioning services (IAS/IPS) and SAP Central Business Configuration (... to discover how to perform the initial setup of users in SAP IAS/IPS and how to create first users for SAP CBC.

  4. Part 3: SAP Central Business Configuration (CBC) tenant activation to learn here how to create a new project in SAP CBC and activate your S/4HANA Cloud tenants including demo data.

  5. Part 4: Initial user setup in SAP S/4HANA Cloud to create additional users in S/4HANA Cloud and in SAP IAS to enable the access to your activated tenants.

  6. Part 5: SAP Cloud ALM onboarding and activation to discover how to request and perform the initial setup of SAP Cloud ALM.

A landing page including all the assets shown in the videos is available here.

And if I still need help?

A Very good starting point if you have additional questions is the FAQ – Cloud Test, Demo and Development for SAP S/4HANA Cloud – one system landscape and in particular the question "How to create a support ticket, and what component to use?".

The FAQ document where you can find additional info

If you don’t find answers to your remaining doubts there you can reach out to us sending a mail to this address.