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Have you ever wondered how much time it takes to get your cash management up and running in your system? Would you believe it if I tell you that it could be as short as 10 minutes?

We are thrilled to introduce our latest Short-Term Cash Positioning app, covered by the SAP S/4HANA Cloud for cash management license, is designed to enhance your experience and boost efficiency like never before! And here’s the best part – for most S/4HANA Cloud customers, for example, those who already import and post bank statements to journal entries, getting daily cash positioning is incredibly simple. In just 10 minutes, you can have this new powerful feature up and running, empowering your end users to manage their cash positions. In this blog post, we will guide you through the quick and easy steps to activate this valuable feature.


Two steps of setup:

Step 1: Use the app “Define Cash Position Profiles” to create a profile in the production system. A cash position profile defines the cash management data you want to include, and the layout of the cash positioning report

Demo link: Define Cash Position Profiles

Step 2: Enable the transfer of bank account closing balance from bank statement directly. It could be done in either of the following approaches:

(1) Use SSCUI (Self Service Configuration UIs) 104351 “Define Settings for Bank Statements” to set the transfer mode to “Balance and Bank Statement Line items”, on company code level. If you leave space in the company code field, it means this entry is for all company codes that without specific rules.

(2) Use the app “Define Bank Account Setting - Bank Statements” to make settings on bank account level.

Enter the detail page of the bank account that you want to give specific setting, click the button "Enable Specific Settings", then click the button "Edit", set the field Transfer Mode to “Balance and Bank Statement Line items”.

For efficiency to massively enable this transfer, you can use SSCUI in approach (1). If you have specific fine-tune needs on specific bank account, use approach (2). If one bank account is covered in both (1) and (2), the setting in (2) takes effect.

Congratulations, now you have done all the mandatory settings and you can check your cash positioning in the Short-Term Cash Positioning app.


Start Use

After the next end-of-day bank statement import, typically on the morning of next day, the app Short Term Cash Positioning will show the cash position data. Of course, you can always create new cash profiles and adjust the settings to tailor the report to your business needs.

Demo Link: Short-Term Cash Positioning



And that is it! In just 10 minutes, you have successfully activated cash positioning and made it available to your end users. We are confident that this will significantly improve the way you and your team work, and we cannot wait to hear your feedback. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our support team. Happy exploring!