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To plan for, attract, engage, and retain tomorrow's top talent, you need to have the best strategies and solutions in place today. SuccessConnect 2015 provides you with a great forum to discover these.  Join SAP SuccessFactors, partners, customers and your peers in Las Vegas August 10 – 12 for the latest in innovations in HR solutions, and learn how these solutions are making a difference at world’s top organizations.  Check out the conference agenda, breakout sessions, and venue details for the details.

Today, there’s a lot of talk about use of analytics in HR but the adoption among organization remains low.  Majority of organizations are still challenged with the basics such as reporting headcount properly and timely, or clearly differentiating between turnover and retention and determining the impact to their organization.  Yet, there are some organizations that have the basics well under control, and are applying their resources to solve more critical questions.

Regardless if you are just starting to learn how to benefit from the application analytics in HR and the impact it can have on your business results, if you want to build a business case for workforce analytics in the cloud, or you have a well-established analytics practice, this year’s conference features a superb line up of speakers and presentations to give you the opportunity to discuss and learn about workforce analytics and planning with experts from SuccessFactors and SAP, our partners, and your peers.

During the conference, you also have the opportunity to take a short survey to help us better understand how HR is becoming more effective in utilizing workforce analytics, and how technology plays a part in simplifying your ability to aggregate, position, and visualize HR and talent data.  Please complete this survey found under Surveys in the SuccessConnect Mobile App.  The results will be published shortly after the event.

Following is a quick run-down of the sessions specifically prepared for the Human Capital Analytics track to help you decide how to most effectively spend your time at the conference:

SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Analytics: Introduction & Overview

Tuesday August 11, 10:45am — 12:00pm

In this session you will discover how SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Analytics helps HR accelerate the adoption of analytics and the transformation toward a culture of data-based workforce decision-making. You’ll also learn how to sustain that mindset as part of the business culture — driving meaningful business outcomes every step of the way.

Speakers: I am proud to share the stage with Peter Howes and Mick Collins. They will share stories and experiences from their decades of experiences specifically on the topic of workforce analytics and planning.

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Wawa Uses Analytics to Bring Fresh Insights to Strategic Workforce Planning and Corporate Strategy

Tuesday August 11, 1:30pm — 2:45pm

Hear how Wawa has evolved from broken data silos, Excel pivot tables, and laborious workforce planning practices to use a “single version of the truth” to provide insights to its leadership and front line management.  Join Marc for an open discussion on how Wawa’s Workforce Planning team uses reporting, analytics, and planning to influence strategic plans, align people processes, and sustain rapid growth.

Speaker:  Marc Maiolino is a Manager of Performance Management and Workforce Planning at Wawa, Inc.

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Experts Panel: Reflections on Approaching Technology Transformations and Creating a Successful Analytics Practice

Tuesday August 11, 3:00pm - 4:15pm

Join this panel discussion with Allstate, Newell Rubbermaid, and The Timken Company to learn from leading firms that have implemented SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics. They will share their experiences with those who are just getting started or have an interest in building a business case to bring cloud analytics to HR, lessons learned from their implementations, and the post-launch journey to make application of analytics a sustainable practice in their organizations.

Some questions that will be addressed by this panel of experts include:

    1. Prior to implementing SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics, what tool(s) were you using for reporting/dashboards/analytics?
    2. If purchasing Workforce Analytics in conjunction with other SAP SuccessFactors products, how did you prioritize which module(s) to implement first?
    3. How did you decide which metrics packs to implement and in what order?  Was data quality/availability a concern? How was it addressed?
    4. How many resources were involved in the implementation and what were their roles? Did you use a partner (if so, what expertise did they provide)?
    5. Beyond the technology deployment, what strategic decisions did you make regarding (for example) organizational structure, change management, & training?
    6. What aspects of implementation were particularly successful? What steps proved to be challenging? How long did your implementation take?  See blog: How SuccessFactors Customers Complete a Workforce Analytics Implementation in Just 100 Days.
    7. Post-implementation, what were 1-2 quick wins for your business?  How are you measuring the value of the SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics application?
    8. What steps have you taken to build a sustainable analytics practice that becomes an essential part of how the organization manages its talent?

Panelists: Mary Kosita is a Global Leader for Talent Development at The Timken Company and is joined by Caryn B. Marra, Director HRIS at Newell Rubbermaid, and Brett Winchell, HR Director for Workforce Technology & Strategic Programs at Allstate Insurance Co.  Mick Collins, VP Workforce Analytics and Planning at SuccessFactors will be facilitating the panel discussion.

How Mayo Clinic Uses Data to Develop Leadership Talent That Can Meet Healthcare Challenges

Tuesday August 11, 4:45pm – 6:00pm

Now in its 150th year, Mayo Clinic’s nearly 60,000 employees serve over 1.3 million patients per year from around the world.  Mayo Clinic is seen as a world class academic, research, and medical practice. As such, they have responsibility to ensure that their leaders are prepared to deliver on their values and mission, and can lead Mayo Clinic in the future.  To that end, Mayo Clinic has a strategic objective to improve identification and knowledge of their leadership talent, align with institutional priorities, and equip their leaders to deliver on their primary value today and into the future.

The session focuses on the business context driving the need for data, and the tools used to analyze it.  Join Mayo Clinic to learn how they have maximized the strengths of Online Report Designer (ORD) to provide automated succession reports, allowing them to better leverage their data and increase the efficiency and sophistication of their succession and development process.

Speakers: Susan Casale, Leadership Development Coordinator at Mayo Clinic is joined by, Anne Schletty is a Learning and Development Consultant, and Melissa Malley, HR Systems Analyst.

If succession planning is of interest to you, you may also find the following blog helpful: Seize the Data – Succession Metrics & Analytics.

SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Analytics: Road map and Direction

Wednesday August 12, 10:45 — 12:00

Not to miss! Join this session to discover advances in reporting, analytics, and planning from SuccessFactors Product Management team and learn about the latest innovations in technology, integration, user experience, and best practices content in reporting, analytics, and planning.  You’ll also get an overview of what lies ahead for Human Capital Analytics across the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite, and it’s pretty exciting.

Speakers: Tony Ashton and Anastasia Ellerby, Vice Presidents of Product Management for Human Capital Analytics at SuccessFactors, and originally from Infohrm.

Preparing for Future Success: How HR Uses Analytics to Address Business Risks

Wednesday August 12, 3:15pm — 4:30pm

Cameco Corporation uses the SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning solutions to create solid workforce forecasts designed to support business leaders, mitigate talent risks and increase awareness on key demographic issues.

In contrast, The Timken Company’s analytical insights focus attention on building operational and strategic metrics that are easily accessible, align with critical business priorities, and enable targeted leadership development.

Join this session to hear how each company identifies, and deploys, metrics to support their business goals.

Speakers: Mary Kosita is a Global Leader for Talent Development at The Timken Company and is joined by Sean Junor, Manager, Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition, Cameco Corporation.   Follow Sean on Twitter: @SeanJunor

There are a few other sessions that fall in different tracks but are noteworthy:

AESO’s HR Transformation Journey: 3 Simple Phases with No Shortcuts to Success

Wednesday August 12, 10:45am — 12:00pm

Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is a small organization with a large mission: keep the lights on across the province of Alberta.  Yet, looking back five years, as a not-for-profit entity with less than 500 employees, many of its HR processes and procedures were not advanced and this was problematic given the war for talent that was alive and well across Alberta.  The HR function lacked rigor around its processes and many were managed on paper or within home-grown systems that lacked any cross-domain integration.  In 2010, AESO decided that an organization responsible for something as critical as the electric grid needed a more robust HR program.  But unlike many organizations who leap first without planning, AESO wanted to take a deliberate approach to the transformation to ensure success.  You won’t want to miss this session that follows the AESO journey through its three phases: Planning, Implementation, and Change Management.

Speakers: Lisa Nadeau, Director of Human Resources from AESO is joined by Kevin Copithorne, VP Consulting at HRizons.

Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results

Wednesday August 12, 1:30pm — 2:45pm

There’s so much hype about “big data” and data analytics, but many people wonder how it applies to sales, where to begin, and even whether it’s all worthwhile. This session will answer these questions and more, reviewing the fundamentals of how to connect data, people, and productivity and the magic that can happen when sales teams unlock that understanding to drive revenue and fine-tune support for reps. You’ll leave with critical insights, actionable guidance, and hopefully some serious enthusiasm to put data analytics to work for your sales professionals and your company.

Speaker: Jenny Dearborn is SVP and Chief Learning Officer at SAP.  Follow Jenny on Twitter: @DearbornJenny

Delivering Reporting as a Service

Wednesday August 12, 1:30pm — 2:45pm

Managing the reporting needs of an organization can be an overwhelming effort.  Given the detailed tools and data sources, your reporting analyst needs strong reporting skills to effectively serve in this role. Reporting requests from executives and managers can vary greatly from business to business and from month to month. How can you establish reporting as a service within your organization? How can you address 80% of your managers' reporting needs immediately?  In this session, you'll review the reporting options available within the SuccessFactors suite. You'll hear reporting strategies from other companies and how they add value by providing reporting as a service.

Speakers: Trina Page, Customer Value Consultant at SuccessFactors is joined by Carl Schleyer, People Strategist at 3D Results and Arpit Nigam, SAP HCM Transformation Lead at Denbury.

Avaya’s SuccessFactors Journey: Mastering Team Engagement, Empowering Employees, and Transforming HR

Wednesday August 12, 3:15pm — 4:30pm

Avaya, the leading global provider of solutions for customer and team engagement, needed a cost-effective HCM solution to support their HR transformation, to empower employees, to enable better decision making, and to support ongoing growth. In this session, you’ll discover best practices and lessons learned from Avaya’s SuccessFactors journey, including:

  • Change management for “Team Engagement” success
  • Re-engineering business processes while migrating to the next generation of HR
  • Managing relationships with external Cloud partners

Speaker: Steve Melamed, Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness and HR Operations.

Also worth highlighting is pre-conference training available from the SuccessAcademy on Monday August 10, 2014:

Workforce Analytics

Monday August 10, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Through discussion, demonstration, and hands-on computer lab work, this course uses the concepts and terminology associated with SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics application to build your skills and help you deploy to other business users. Through the user role framework, the attendees will become familiar with the tools and functionality of the SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics application, and discuss how to best deploy the application within their respective organizations. Target attendees are current Administrators and Core Users.

Please note that Workforce Planning is NOT covered in this course.

Online Report Designer (ORD)

Monday August 10, 8:00am – 5:00pm

There’s a great workshop covering Online Report Designer (ORD).  Through discussion, demonstration, and hand-on computer lab work, this training provides an overview of how to use the Online Report Designer to build queries and create pivots. This data may be used in published data reports and format list reports, pivot tables, and pivot charts. Additionally, you will be able to share reports with end users and help end users export reports, use actionable analytics, and distribute reports.

Please note that this course does NOT include SuccessFactors Learning (LMS) reports. The LMS Report Designer tool is independent of ORD and is offered in a separate session: Advanced SuccessFactors Learning Report Designer Workshop.

These sessions are final; however, sometimes there are last minute changes to scheduling and speakers so make sure to check with the official agenda and the mobile application.

Make sure to take advantage of the many networking opportunities at the event, including a stop at at the Meet the Experts section.   Our experts, including Nick Glass, will answer your questions, provide insights and best practices, and share ways to enhance your SuccessFactors solutions. Stop by The Meet the Experts section of the Exhibit Hall to set up an appointment at a time that works for you!

We always welcome the opportunity to hear from you and answer your questions, and we look forward to learning about your strategies and stories.   I will be there along with Peter Howes, Tony Ashton, Anastasia Ellerby, Mick Collins, and many more from the Human Capital Analytics team and our partners.  We encourage you to contact Mick Collins (mick.collins01@sap.com) ahead of time to arrange a meeting, rather than waiting for the event itself.

The Best of SuccessConnect 2015 Vegas

For those of you who couldn’t join us in Las Vegas and for those who attended but didn’t get a chance to see all of the sessions you wanted, visit the on-demand material.

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