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In this short blog, I would like to outline the Split Activate/Assemble/ Download feature available in SDK. This is a feature introduced to solve the common timeout issues encountered whenever assembling patches of large solutions.

Before explaining this, let me suggest you it’s always a good practice to perform a ‘Check’ at the solution level, prior to the assembly of any patch. This way, you could identify if there are any issues in the solution, which if not done here, otherwise would be identified only later during the assembly process.

Enable Background mode for Check-> Items and Runtime objects

Do a check on Items and Runtime objects.

Refresh the status to see if the check is completed. Once completed, go for ‘Display logs’ to ensure if the check has been successful.

If there are errors, rectify them first, before proceeding for the assembly of the solution.

Check for the successful message at the bottom left of the studio once the check is successful.

Until 1511, developers had a single option of ‘Assemble and Download’ in the Implementation Manager. This option had the timeout limitation whenever working with solution of huge size as this was purely a foreground job. As a result, partners couldn’t assemble a patch successfully and eventually ended up creating incidents to get the SAP support.

Starting 1511, SDK users overcome this timeout issue with the introduction of ‘Enable Assembly Split’. This will enable 3 different options in implementation manager viz; Activate, Assemble and Download.

Step 1: Activate

This triggers the activation of the solution, which is a background job and once completed an email is sent to the email address registered in solution properties. (Both Assemble and Download buttons are disabled until the Activation is completed).

Step 2: Assemble

This option is enabled once the activation is successful.

Once the solution is successfully assembled, an email is sent to the mail address maintained in the solution properties.

Step 3. Download

Perform the ‘Download’, once the solution is successfully assembled.

Thanks for your time to read through the blog. Hope it could help.

Best Regards,