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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Discover these exciting innovations that will boost your business's profitability and sustainable growth while procuring goods and services with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition 2308. A big shout-out to our talented developers 😉!

Please watch the release highlight video - for other releases please see here.

SAP Ariba Buying, base edition

Product Sourcing

Operational Procurement

Central Procurement

Enterprise Contract Management


SAP Ariba Buying, base edition

Discover SAP Ariba Buying, base edition – a simple, smart, and automated solution for streamlined indirect material procurement across all spending areas. Integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, it offers seamless conversion of requests to purchase orders and end-to-end process tracking.

    • Effortless search across multiple catalogs and guided purchase request creation.
    • System-driven active recommendations for informed decision-making.
    • Configure and manage approval workflows for employee shopping.
    • Publish purchase requisitions to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.
    • Track the progress of requested items.
    • Platform modernization through SAP BTP.

See more information in SAP Help Portal and External FAQ


Product Sourcing

Collecting and Managing Carbon-footprint Data from Suppliers During Sourcing Processes*

This feature empowers sourcing managers to collect carbon footprint information from suppliers during the sourcing process, facilitating carbon-conscious award decisions. It provides early insights into the carbon footprint associated with items sourced from vendors, expediting the organization's goal to achieve net zero targets and offering better control over scope 3 emissions.

    • Sourcing managers can request carbon footprint information for selected or all items in the sourcing project.
    • Suppliers can share this information via supplier quotations.
    • The carbon footprint data can then be easily compared using the quotation comparison application.

*Additional license required: SAP Product Sourcing (8011484)

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Managing Line Items of The Sourcing Project Using Standard Microsoft Excel Template*

This feature empowers sourcing managers to efficiently create, change, or delete a large number of items in a sourcing project using a standard Microsoft Excel template, streamlining the entire process. System validations ensure transparency, showing the modified or created items after the Excel upload, giving users the flexibility to save changes or discard drafts.

The process involves:

    • Downloading the standard MS Excel template with existing line items.
    • Modifying or adding new line items in the Excel template.
    • Seamlessly reviewing and managing the changes in the UI.

*Additional license required: SAP Product Sourcing (8011484)

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Process Flow to Show Predecessor and Successor Documents of An Item in The Submitted Supplier Quotation*

This feature grants sourcing managers the ability to review predecessor and successor documents associated with a supplier quotation's line item, providing valuable visibility and seamless navigation to related records. Check out the features:

    • Sourcing managers making decisions on carbon footprint data collection during sourcing project creation.
    • The supplier quotation incorporates a process flow facet showcasing predecessor (Sourcing Projects/Items) and successor documents (Central Contracts and/or Purchase Orders).

*Additional license required: SAP Product Sourcing (8011484)

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Direct Initiation of Negotiations or Awarding Scenarios Directly From The Quotation-comparison Application*

This feature allows sourcing managers to initiate negotiation or awarding scenarios directly from the quotation comparison application, streamlining the process of comparing multiple supplier quotations. Check out the improved features:

    • Compare supplier-submitted quotations in the quotation comparison application.
    • Select relevant quotations to initiate price/quantity negotiations.
    • Select relevant quotations to create negotiation scenarios.

*Additional license required: SAP Product Sourcing (8011484)

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Operational Procurement

Copying of Accounting Details to Other Line Items in Self-service Requisitioning

The "Copy to Other Items" feature now supports copying accounting details in addition to item details for self-service purchase requisitions. Requestors can efficiently create requisitions with multiple line items by quickly taking over account assignment details from one item to several others, enhancing usability and efficiency.


    • Employees can use the "Copy to Other Items" feature and select the Account Assignment section.
    • Upon selection, all accounting details, such as GL account and goods recipient, are copied from the source item to the chosen target items.

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Ability to Add Purchase Requisition Items to Purchase Orders in The Manage Purchase Orders App

This feature streamlines the process for purchasers by allowing them to search and select suitable purchase requisition items and add them to a purchase order using the Manage Purchase Orders app. It streamlines data entry, referencing purchase requisition items, and improves usability by displaying the purchase requisition item references.


    • Purchasers can select one or multiple items from purchase requisitions using the "Add from Documents" button on the SAP Fiori app's object page.
    • Search for relevant items using filters.
    • Displays the referenced purchase requisition number and item number for each item in the purchase order.

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Display of The Document Change Log in The Manage Purchase Orders App

With this feature, purchasers can display a change log for purchase order document header and items to see changes to the document in the Manage Purchase Orders app.


    • Using the Display Change Log button in Manage Purchase Orders app to display a change log for the document header and items.
    • Identify changes to the purchase order document with changed field values, dates, and users.
    • Search for changes by using filters.

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Blocking/Unblocking of Purchase Order Items in Manage Purchase Orders App

With this feature, purchasers can manually block or unblock single purchase order items in the Manage Purchase Orders app. The usability and consistency have been improved by the addition of the functionality to block or unblock single purchase order items


    • Block single purchase order items using the Block button in the SAP Fiori app.
    • Unblock existing blocked purchase order items using the Unblock button in the SAP Fiori app.

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Print Preview Feature in Manage Purchase Order App 

In the Manage Purchase Order app, purchasers now have the capability to view a preview of how a Purchase Order Output will be formatted and rendered before it is sent to the External Business Partner. This feature enhances accuracy during the Purchase Order Output process and provides transparency to the purchaser while managing the Purchase Order Document.

    • The preview can be shown in Print PDF format while the Purchase Order is being created or edited.
    • The preview can also be triggered during flexible workflow approval for added convenience.

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Historical Display of Workflow Instances in The Purchase Order Approval Tab

This feature enhances transparency for purchasers by allowing them to access historical data of workflow instances directly from the approval tab of the Manage Purchase Order and Create Purchase Order Advanced apps. The value proposition lies in facilitating a clearer understanding of the purchase order workflow and enabling efficient identification of historical changes.

Capabilities include displaying multiple workflow instances and providing decision reasons and comments for past completed workflows in the purchase order's approval tab.

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Central Procurement

In-context Collaboration Between Purchasers and Requestors ***

Through a chat-like comments flow, purchasers can effectively communicate about next steps or actions taken outside of the system boundaries. They can also engage with the creator of the external demand by sending comments to their email address. This innovation advances collaboration among purchasers handling central requisitions, fostering transparency in the requisition processing.


    • Adding comments to a requisition line item within the "Process Purchase Requisitions Centrally" SAP Fiori app.
    • Enabling status updates and fostering collaboration through a shared chat flow.
    • Forwarding comments to the requestor's email address.

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Payment Status in Document Flow of Centrally Managed Purchase Orders ***

Central purchasers now have an unprecedented view of supplier invoices, including open, partially paid, or fully paid. The "Manage Purchase Orders Centrally" SAP Fiori app has been upgraded with an enhanced document process flow, showcasing accounting documents for posted invoices. This feature significantly improves the overall payment tracking and transparency for central purchase management.

Capability: Include displaying the payment status of connected system invoices within the object page's document flow of centrally managed purchase orders in the central hub system.

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Mass Change of Centrally Managed Purchase Requisitions in Online Mode ***

Central purchasers can now apply mass changes to centrally managed purchase requisitions extracted from connected satellite systems, which enhances the efficiency of centrally managed requisition processing.

From the Process Purchase Requisitions Centrally cockpit, the central purchaser can easily navigate to mass processing for selected requisitions, adjusting various line-item fields (except for accounting data) and updating these changes in the connected backend. Field values can be kept, cleared, or replaced, facilitating tasks like centrally closing outdated requisitions in satellite systems.


    • Dedicated SAP Fiori app for mass-changing standard fields of centrally managed purchase requisitions in online mode (without an offline option through Microsoft Excel).


    • Ability to trigger a simulation run of planned mass changes, displaying potential update errors before actual release of the changes. This ensures a smooth and error-free mass change process.

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Extension of The Central Supplier Confirmation with Confirmed Price and Purchase Order Updates ***

This feature enhances the supplier confirmation process by introducing the ability to capture the confirmed net price from suppliers and automatically copy it into the corresponding purchase order line item in the connected backend satellite. This increases flexibility in handling supplier confirmations by centralizing the processing in a single, central system and streamlining the update of PO item details in the connected system.


    • Capturing each vendor's confirmed net price within a central supplier confirmation can be achieved through manual entry in the corresponding SAP Fiori app on behalf of the supplier or automatically through the corresponding XML message interface.


    • After the successful approval of the central confirmation, the PO line item in the connected system is updated with the supplier's confirmed price, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the procurement process.

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Enablement of Attachments in Centrally Managed Purchase Requisitions ***

This feature extends the display of backend attachments from OnPrem-connected systems to centrally managed purchase requisitions. It enhances transparency by showing line-item attachments without replicating files in the central hub system. However, it is currently limited to backend attachments in an OnPrem or Private Cloud context.

The capability allows:

    • Seamless integration of attachments linked to purchase requisitions.


    • Inclusion of the backend attachment's metadata in the centrally managed purchase requisition's object page.


    • Online retrieval of original files from the connected system's content server when the user clicks on a selected attachment.


    • The mapping of backend document types to the hub system's local types ensures clear differentiation of attachments for internal and external use.

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Enterprise Contract Management


Create Amendment for Main Contract ***


This new feature empowers users to make corrections, changes, additions, or deletions to content in existing signed contracts, enabling them to keep the contract up-to-date with the latest clauses, obligations, terms, and conditions. It offers the ability to create and manage amendments for the main contract, while also enhancing the tracking and auditing of contract changes


    • Easily create amendments for the main contract.


    • View all amendments made to it.


    • Seamlessly navigate between the main contract and the amended version.

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Upload Supporting Documents for Main Contract​ ***


This new feature allows users to create supporting documents for a main contract, streamlining the management and organization of related materials in one central location. It offers the capability to upload various supporting documents like emails, attachments, and reference documents, providing efficient management and access to all supporting documents associated with each main contract.


    • Easily create supporting documents under each main contract.


    • View all supporting documents related to a main contract.


    • Seamlessly navigate between the main contract and its corresponding supporting documents, ensuring quick access and improved document organization.

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Upload Signed Copy of Contract to Legal Transaction ***


With this new capability, users can effortlessly upload the signed (final) document directly to the legal transaction, whether it's the Main Contract, emails or attachments,... It facilitates an automatic transition of the legal document to the 'Accepted' status without any manual intervention.


    • Easily select supporting documents as ‘Final’ or ‘Draft’.


    • Automatically move the legal document to ‘Accepted’ status when you select the supporting document as final.

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Migrate Legal Documents ***


With the latest enhancement, users can now create mass legal documents using the data migration option, allowing them to efficiently migrate business data from any legacy system. The process is made easy by utilizing the migration excel in the Data Migration Cockpit, enabling users to create multiple legal documents seamlessly.

Furthermore, they can closely monitor the status of the migration, ensuring a smooth and controlled data transfer within the Migration Cockpit. This feature significantly streamlines the creation and migration of legal documents, improving the overall efficiency of the process.

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