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This article highlights the use of SAP S/4HANA Oil &Gas for retail fuel network operations (RFNO) like fuel sale, meter/dip Reading, shop sale and car wash performed at a point of sale location with high level sample scenario insight leading to invoicing(crediting/debiting) service stations operators and bank/fleet card company.


Business Context

In oil and gas downstream retail sales business process, multiple daily activities like fuel sale, shop sale, car wash etc. happens in different retail stations that needs to captured and then translated/mapped to centralized master data so that transaction for the purpose of invoicing(crediting/debiting) oil & gas company/partners, inventory management/reconciliation and related reports can be performed. Also, this can then feed as input or pre-requisite to perform subsequent process for example settlement management for commission calculation etc.


Design Approach



Scenario DSA Transaction CSN Transaction Comments
Fuel sale using bank/fleet /cash card

-Debit SSO*

-Release Inv.

-Credit SSO*

(for bank/fleet card sale only)

-Debit bank/fleet
Fuel is owned by Oil & Gas company
Shop sale using bank/fleet card/Cash

-Debit SSO


-Credit SSO

(for bank/fleet card sale only)

-Debit bank/fleet
Shop product is owned by operator partner (for example in case of CODO retail station) and hence DSA doc sales transaction (statistical) is solely used for commission purpose only.
Car wash sale -Debit SSO

-Credit SSO

(for bank/fleet card sale only)

-Debit bank/fleet
Car wash is owned by Oil & Gas company

DSA transaction: Document for displaying and reconciling all business transactions according to location.

CSN transaction: In this document, all business transactions that represent a sale with a payment card are collected and settled with a clearing house at a chosen point in time.


High Level Process Flow



SAP S/4HANA RFNO functionality can be used to automate/optimize retail payment and quantity flow operations in downstream oil and gas business.


For detailed information about existing and new SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain for secondary distribution (S4SCSD) functionality, check out the SAP Learning Journey for Oil and Gas. In future blog posts, I would like to go in more solution details. It will be great to hear your feedback, topic suggestions, answer queries or just engage in an open discussion.