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Welcome to the Solution Order Custom Field Extensibility Tutorial, in which you can enhance custom field in new business scenario.

This blog is one of the series:

In this tutorial we use two custom fields on Solution Order header level and item level, because we believe this scenario allow us to provide a guided path through the functionality, you’ll need in most of business scenario. We’re hoping to show the minimum information that will help you get up quickly.

As a result, you will know how to implement extensibility in different aspect of solution order.


Task1- Define new custom field on header level

  • Open Fiori application ‘Custom Field and Logic’. You’re navigated to the creation page of Custom field. The table show you the list of fields created before, now, let’s create your own.

  • Click on ‘+’ button on the extreme right corner of table toolbar.

    • Enter the field properties for the new custom field.

    Business Content: Service Header.

    Label: <field lable>

    Identifier: change the identifier if system proposed name is not okay.

    Tooltip: <Tooltip>

    Type: <select the appropriate field type>, select “Text” from the dropdown for testing purpose.

  • Click on “Create and Edit” button, you will be navigated to the Details screen.

  • Select the field that you just created and click on “Publish”button to publish the new custom field to backend system.

Successful message prompt you that the Status of new created fields are changed to Published.

Task2- Define new custom field on item level

Now, you already created your first custom field on header level, please try to create another one on item level. The only difference you need to notice is the field ‘Business Context’, select the option ‘service item’.

If you get stuck, refer to the steps of Task1.

Task3- Enable the field on Solution Order header level

it’s time to enable the custom field you created.

  • go to the application ‘Manage Solution Order’

  • Click on a Solution Order to Navigate to the Solution Order header page, click on the ‘Personalize’button on the left top side to enable the adaptive UI mode.

  • Select the custom field you created on header level, and press ‘Save and Close’.

  • Then, you will notice the new field under section ‘Header Extensibility’

Task4- Enable the field on Solution Order item level

Please try to repeat the steps of Task3 on item level. Generally speaking, you should enable custome field on the specific item category (Service item. Service Contract item, etc)

As a result, the custom field is available in item detail page.



That’s the end of tutorial custom field extensibility, we hope you’ve found them useful. You can check out more useful document through the link below:

Extensibility in S4/HANA Cloud