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This pictorial blog intends to support all the ASAP Project Managers in the SAP world to address a very important piece of topic that comes up for discussion.

In almost all of the Implementation projects that I have coached/supported the Project Managers or the Project Management Office, I have seen that the customers do raise questions, concerns and requests for information on how ALM - (Application Lifecycle Management) fits into the Project deliverables post Go-Live!

ALM spans around the entire lifecycle of SAP Application deployement - starting from "Requirements Gathering, Design, Build, Test, Operate & finally Optimize"

So ALM is just not a post Go-live topic anymore! In fact the ASAP 8 says you need to plan and consider ALM during Project Preparation phase. That is the first ever phase of your SAP Implementation project,

To get there,

First Log into http://service.sap.com/asap

You will see the various Roadmap options available for you.

Now Select the "ASAP Implementation Roadmap" which is what we wanted to know about ALM.

You will now see all the different ASAP 8 variants -

  1. ASAP 8 for Simplified RDS Experience
  2. HANA ASAP 8 Methodology
  3. ASAP 8 for Assemble to Order A2O Projects
  4. Agile ASAP 8 Methodology
  5. ASAP 8 Standard

Let us navigate into ASAP 8.

IMPORTANT POINT: Whichever roadmap you select, the path that you will see below remains the same. You can find the ALM related accelerators in the same place.

After you Scroll down as shown above, you will see the Accelerators and links to the ALM related stuff that you wanted.

If you spend a few hours going through the links, you will be in total control to advise your customers with valuable information on when they should start thinking, planning and deploying ALM scenarios.

Now this is not all, it is better to know all references of ALM processes in the ASAP roadmap.

**You may be able to refresh your search every month to see if SAP has delivered any fresh content into the roadmap**

To do this, you may go into the Roadmap and then select ->Filters

It will drop down bringing a few Selection criteria for you to make further selection of "ALM"

This will convert your ASAP Roadmap to an ALM Roadmap :smile:

You can drop down any of the ASAP phases to see ALM specific content again. This time - Phase-wise!!!

Happy Project Management time with ASAP 8 :smile: :smile: :smile: !!!