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This blog describes various SOAP interfaces for replication of Product master data available in SAP S/4 HANA system. These service interfaces are available on SAP API Business Hub ; act in inbound / outbound direction and are designed based on a request-response pattern.

The following table lists the available SOAP interfaces and their description.


ProductMDMBulkReplicateRequest_In  Service Interface for replicating product master in an S/4 HANA system
ProductMDMBulkReplicateRequest_Out  Service Interface for replicating product master from an S/4 HANA system
ProductMDMBulkReplicateConfirmation_In  Service interface for receiving the confirmation of replication in an S/4 system
ProductMDMBulkReplicateConfirmation_Out  Service interface for sending the confirmation of replication from an S/4 system


These interfaces can be configured in an S/4 On Premise system using the steps mentioned in the document , however in an S/4 cloud system these interfaces are used via communication arrangements based on standard integration scenarios( SAP_COM_0009 in this case)

The functionality of these interfaces is being enhanced with every cloud release and as of the latest 1802 S/4 HANA Cloud release replication of general,plant,sales,procurement data related to product master is supported along with key mapping.

The list of various attributes supported by the interface is available in the standard documentation from the API hub.

Note :

In a S/4 On Premise system , to trigger the request outbound on save of a product master, the following customizing needs to be maintained.

In view TBE31, add the below entry if it does not exist.

In view tbe11, add an entry below if doesn’t exist (if entry exists set activity = ‘X’ for the above FM)