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Thanks for stopping by. I believe that the High-Tech jargon we use in Enterprise Software (ERP, CRM, IoT, SCM, etc.) can be a barrier to explaining the value of our solutions to small and midsize businesses or SMB. Founders, owners and leaders of SMB are in the "Business of their Business", not in the "Business of IT". So SAP ERP product marketing have decided to create a new format: SMB Snacks. SMB Snacks are short blogs, videos or other content pieces that address one topic at time. In simple, straight business language. You can think of it as a "De-Jargonizer". At this point, we are testing the concept and taking in feedback on what content and formats we should be using.

Click here to access the SMB Snacks YouTube Playlist

Below you find a link list with my blogs related to the value of SAP ERP solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB). These blogs and short videos are thought starters, intended to kick-start dialogues on what aspects of ERP we should drill down on with additional materials, webinars or info-graphics.

Description Link
Introduction Video to SMB Snacks. What are SMB Snacks and how can you engage? Introduction to SMB Snacks by Chris Horak (Video)
ERP is dead. Long live ERP. A perspective on how ERP is more relevant than ever. It talks about how Enterprise Resource Planning is now Extended Enterprise Real-Time Resource Predictive Planning, and has completely new relevance for SMB ERP is Dead. Long live ERP. 
Five business themes for every CEO of a Small and Midsize Enterprise. Key areas are (1) Customer Loyalty, (2) Modern Workplace, (3) Real-Time Finance, (4) Sustainability, and (5) Agile Supply Chain 5 Themes for every CEO
Does Intelligent Enterprise appy to SMB? Yes it does! You just have to think of it as staying in control as you grow. An SMB is an Intelligent Enterprise - Until it's not
There is no ROI without ERP. LIke Chicken & Egg, they evolve together. ERP is the baseline you need to reduce risk RR, optimize opportunity OO and increase intelligence II for the new ROI. ROI is king, but ERP is King Kong.  There is no ROI without ERP
(they are like chicken & egg
AI. A Missed Understanding. It’s really just automation. It’s about sparing your important people the tedious work and letting them focus on high value, differentiating jobs.  AI. A Missed Understanding
What is the "perfect" ERP? None of them. It's about extensibility and finding the right fit. What is the perfect ERP? None of them.
How is ERP like an Operating System. It is very similar to an OS along many aspects ERP is a Business Operating System
ERP and Mobile are the dream team for creating the Modern Workplace ERP and Mobile for the Modern Workplace
ERP and built-in KPI can provide SMB with a “Ship Bridge” with a clear line of sight and the controls to connect insight to action ERP and built-in KPI as a critical success factor for staying in control of your SMB
ERP can do things now that many companies, especially SMB thought were out of reach. THink again. Ask for what you want. You might be surprised.  Tintin, SpaceX and CloudERP, what do they have in common
SMB and Sustainability and ERP. How do they fit together. ERP gives you an end to end view of your value chain so you can see how compliance fits in.  SMB and Sustainability. A point of view on how ERP can help. 
SMB Snack #4. The Experience Economy. How does it relate to #SMB and #CloudERP? The Experience Economy is not a new concept. The idea dates back to Alvin Toffler's "Future Shock" or books written in the 90's. For SMB, it’s all about Customer Loyalty. SMB and Experience Economy
ERP is like a personal fitness coach for your business that helps you set goals and apply a disciplined approach to constant improvement and to “running better”. ERP is like a personal fitness coach
ERP is like a motherboard in a computer. It powers everything but most people never touch it. However, it provides the abstraction, standards and extensibility you need for your business operating system. ERP is like a Motherboard, it connects everything, but most people never touch it
ERP is the foundation for SMB to move from insight to action with confidence. This is the prerequisite to make Agility useful. Agility alone is not enough. You want Agility on a single source of truth that is ERP ERP as the foundation for SMB to leverage their birth-right of agility, but with confidence
What’s the best CRM for SMB? The best CRM for SMB is a “Connected CRM”, where ERP & CRM work seamlessly as unified process on a single source of truth. So you can move from insight to action in the direction of customer loyalty and brand advocacy on a sustainable business plan. ERP and CRM for SMB, how SMB need a connected CRM to drive sales and profit
For SMB, Data Privacy & #Compliance are an even bigger challenge than for larger companies who might have a team to handle the topic. Let ERP be your Compliance Expert. Interested in more detail? Take a look at video about Data Life Cycle Management in SAP Business ByDesign attached in the comments. ERP can be your Compliance Expert when it comes to Data Privacy
Digital Transformation DT really 3 aspects: (1) Eliminating Paper. Printers are still key to some processes. DT minimizes paper. (2) Eliminating Silos. Many processes still have “hard stops”, where data must be re-entered or changed.  DT removes barriers between you and your customers, your suppliers, and between departments or apps. (3) Enabling Automation. Once (1) paper is eliminated, and (2) silos are bridged, data can flow straight through, speeding up processes, removing double-entry, and powering self-service and insight. SMB can gain a competitive edge with technology like machine intelligence. ERP is at the heart of all of this. We call it Digital Transformation. But it really is Business Transformation. The free flow of data through end-to-end processes lets you focus on customer value, the reason you are in business in the first place.  ERP and Digital Transformation