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In 2111 release, Single Sign-On(SSO), Reports, Supplier are supported for SAP Business Design Teams Integration. The major changes in 2111 release are:

  • Single Sign-On for Teams Integration.

  • Supplier List work center can be used as Tab View in Teams

  • Report List work center can be used as Tab View in Teams

  • Supplier Instance can be used as Tab View in Teams

  • Report Instance can be used as Tab View in Teams


1. Single Sign-On

Business User can add and access ByDesign work center view and specific business instances without additional re-login if SSO is used.

ByDesign login page or ByDesign SSO login page is re-used for Teams integration configuration page when adding tab views.

SSO simplifies the authentication process when embedded ByDesign in Teams, and help customers using SSO can start to use Teams Integration.

SSO enabled scenario: Provide your ByDesign SSO enabled Tenant ID in the configuration page. There is a "-sso" in the tenant URL.  Click "Next" to continue to embedded ByDesign in Teams without input your username or password.

Important Tips: Enable your browser popup.

Below the updated UI forTab View configuration page:

If SSO is not enabled, just input your ByDesign tenant information and continue the login process as below UI


2. Access Report in MS Teams

Business User can add and access report work center view and specific  report  in teams and start working in the Microsoft Teams environment.

  • Add a specific report in Tab View of MS Teams

  • View and gain insight from the report.

  • Add report list work center

3. Access Supplier in MS Teams

Business users can access the overview of supplier master data in MS Teams and collaboratively manage the supplier data in MS Teams.

  • Add a specific supplier in Tab View of MS Teams

  • View and maintain important supplier-related information such as general data, purchasing data, and financial data about the supplier

  • Add supplier list work center



The integration with MS Teams enables users to easily access features of the SAP Business ByDesign system directly from Microsoft Teams. You can easily monitor, collaborate with your team members, perform tasks, and act directly from the app.

Please go to your Teams apps, and find "SAP Business ByDesign" and try it.
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