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In an earlier blog, I already described the key benefits of the SAP Best Practices Explorer. This new web channel helps you to search, browse and consume SAP Best Practices content for SAP S/4HANA and other SAP products.

What makes the SAP Best Practices Explorer unique?

Customers who are interested in an implementation of an SAP solution can consult this knowledge base in order to find out about all the SAP Best Practices supported processes that are predefined by SAP for that solution. If a customer, for example, is interested in an SAP S/4HANA implementation – independently if it’s cloud or on-premise – then the Best Practices Explorer (BPX) helps to understand what scope of business, migration and integration scenarios is already delivered preconfigured by SAP. For example, the Best Practices for S/4HANA editions, entail a selection of predefined business processes for SAP solutions. Solutions are available on cloud (Finance Cloud and Professional Services Cloud) or on-premise (SAP S/4HANA) and they can be used to minimize the implementation time and costs.

What happens when a customer decides to implement an SAP cloud service?

Customers subscribing for a SAP cloud solution typically want to match their business requirements to the scope and adaptation options of the solution. SAP supports this matching with the so-called Fit to Standard Analysis, which is part of the on-boarding process of SAP. The analysis ensures that the configuration values are defined, and documents whether adjustments from the standard are needed. potential gaps are identified and documented. By using the assets available in the SAP Best Practices Explorer, customers can see how the product covers their processes Scope item fact sheets, which are available for every asset, entail configuration documentations, such as scope descriptions, of each end-to-end process. Furthermore, process diagrams and test scripts can be found in the BPX application. The latter provide customers with step by step instructions to guide the user through the business scenario using the starter system and existing master data.

Let me sum up: With the new SAP Best Practices Explorer, prospects can inform themselves in a self-study manner or with the support of SAP Sales on all available business processes that are activated with the solution. The SAP Best Practices Explorer delivers a standardized set of assets per business process and informs therefore on the business processes.

If adjustments from the standard are required, there are innovative tools that SAP offers. One of the tools is the “manage your solution” app, which supports in a potential refinement after the system is set up, and the processes are activated for the first time. Within this app, there is the possibility to view your solution. This function enables customers to view the activated processes of their deployed solutions. After the configuration needs are identified, they will be entered into the system via the Configure Your Solution function as part of the Manage Your Solution app. Thereby, customers can leverage self-service configuration UIs (SSCUIs) to update and personalize their configuration.

Accelerated Implementation with SAP Activate and SAP Roadmap Viewer

The SAP Activate Methodology Roadmap provides implementation project teams with a recommended list of deliverables (the What) in each phase, a process description in the form of tasks (the How), and accelerators (such as templates, examples, guides and web links) in a user-friendly format – helping implementations to run simple.

The SAP Roadmap Viewer contains detailed implementation procedures and methods that help you to bring improvements and innovations into your company. SAP provides SAP Activate Implementation Methodology roadmaps in two formats – general roadmaps, that provide project teams with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to plan and execute SAP implementation projects; and solution specific roadmaps that contain detailed guidance for implementation of specific SAP solutions (like SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud or SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud).

The user can access the SAP implementation methodology roadmaps by phases, workstreams, or services (specific to Transition to SAP S/4HANA roadmap). The results are presented as activities, deliverables, and tasks. If the selected roadmap is relevant for a user, the attached project plan can be chosen and uploaded in SAP Solution Manager – for purposes of project planning and to control execution. The result is a project plan in the form of a work breakdown structure that customers can use as a starting point for delivery.

SAP Best Practices Explorer proves with more than one million page views the validity and need for our standardized assets delivery – for cloud and on-premise implementation projects. Best Practices offerings on SAP Best Practices Explorer have been consumed with around one million page views worldwide by our users and sixty thousand asset downloads by our customers and partners since the application was launched in autumn 2016.

It’s your turn now: Discover the SAP Best Practices Explorer and the SAP Roadmap Viewer and take full advantage of all the assets that SAP is providing to customers and ecosystem partners.

Also check out our new interactive demo introducing the SAP Best Practices Explorer. Learn how to search packages and scope items, and download solution packages within the Explorer.

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