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With the TOP Simplification List Items approach we want to start a S/4HANA SCN Blog series to provide more information about dedicated simplification items. Simplification items where we assume that any customer project has to deal with. The following S/4HANA SCN Blog is collecting these TOP Simplification Items with the links to the dedicated S/4HANA blogs.

The TOP Simplification List Items

Within this blog we want to provide additional information regarding the Simplification Item: PLM Enterprise Search

Simplification List Item Description

  • With SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 the Enterprise Search models are now replication free search models (using HANA DB tables instead) within SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM).
  • Reliance on TREX and on the data-replication processes connected to it has been eliminated
  • The F4 help functions in the Web UI of SAP PLM, as well as the advanced search feature, are now using the new replication-free search models that are solely based on tables from the SAP HANA database

Business Impact

  • Custom functionalities might while the PLM search customizing will surely need to be adjusted
  • With the new solution the following searches will be missing:
    • Document search with linked documents
    • Engineering Record with custom ER types (with custom header tables)
    • Synchronization BOM to BOM search with assigned MBOMs
    • Synchronization PSM to BOM search with source PSM Structure and target MBOMs
    • Specification and PSM search with status data
    • MBOM, Recipe and PSM search with assigned classification data
    • MBOM, Recipe and PSM search with assigned document data
    • Label search with recipe data origin
    • Recipe search with formula item quantity
    • Document search with attached document content
    • Search for any object without leading zeros

Required and Recommended Action(s)

  • Adaption of custom code might be required depending on the results of the piece list check
  • After the technical upgrade the customizing needs to be adjusted

For more details see the PPT attached to the following SAP Note:


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