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During the recent development cycle SAP addressed the topic of Simplification in Enterprise Asset Management. The focus of the Simplification project was on enhancing the Web user interface with new and rich functionality as well as using the newest features of the underlying Web Dynpro ABAP technology. In this project different areas were addressed. These improvements enable maintenance planners and workers to use the EAM Web user interface to do their jobs more efficiently.

This series will cover some of them and explain what is now new in EAM. All these topics are bundled in the EhP7 Business Function  "LOG_EAM_SIMPLICITY_3” and do not require any additional license on top of the existing enterprise foundation license.

New features in the Web user interface for the Maintenance Work Order

The user can create and edit long texts directly in the operation data and in the operation details.

You can create orders using a template (reference order). When you create a new order by copying an existing order, you can specify whether you want to copy the relationships, settlement rules, linked documents, and order descriptions as well. In addition to that, you can create order operations by copying existing operations.

Up to now, some of the system statuses that you were able to set in the SAP GUI transactions for orders could only be displayed on the SAP Web UI for Plant Maintenance. This new feature enables you to change most of the system statuses used in the SAP GUI transactions also on the SAP Web UI. In the maintenance order you can now set and change additional system statuses as follows: Do not Execute, Complete (Business), Cancel Business Completion, Lock, Unlock, Set Deletion Flag, and Reset Deletion Flag. You can set these system statuses not only directly in the maintenance work order but in the Order List as well.

For inspection rounds, you can assign technical objects and assemblies at operation level. In the operation details, you can enter measuring points as production resources/tools for the technical objects that you have assigned at operation level.

You can assign technical objects and material using a structure list. This feature enables you to display structure lists for technical objects on the SAP Web UI for Plant Maintenance. Structure lists not only make it easier to find technical objects and materials in orders, notifications, task lists, and maintenance plans, but they also provide essential information about the technical objects and materials. You can display structure lists for any technical objects that are part of a hierarchy.

The new list ATS component is implemented here as well. We have switched all List Component to the new List ATS Component technology within the whole EAM application. The List ATS (ABAP Table Services) component provides you with an extended range of features, including personalization features, and advanced sorting and filtering functions.

The personalizing feature enables you to work more easily with tabular lists in maintenance orders, notifications, task lists, and maintenance plans. You can search for table entries and the search result is then highlighted in the list. You can have the system add up the table entries in numeric table columns and export the tables to a spreadsheet. You can personalize the view of the table by displaying and hiding the table columns, as well as sorting, grouping, and
filtering the table entries and then save your personal settings as your own view.

You will have the opportunity to discuss these topics with our experts during the International SAP Conference on Asset Management in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on October 7th and 8th 2014 - find details here!

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In my next posting I will do a short summary what we did with respect to Simplification in EAM and where to find more information on these topics. Coming soon!