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Shop on Behalf in SAP S/4HANA – Sourcing and Procurement (Self-Service Procurement)


This content explains the Shop on Behalf functionality in shopping carts, and the configurations that are required to enable the shop on behalf feature.


Purchasing assistants and purchasers can buy products on behalf of other users (for example the secretary can shop on behalf of the manager). This way, the managers are freed up to perform more strategic tasks. Shop on behalf is also a useful feature that can be used during an employee’s absence or initial days in the company.

General Configuration

Shopping carts can be created on behalf of users who belong to the same company or requisitioning group,as the creator.

Creator – Login User

Requestor – User who requests the item/product

In the normal scenario, without shop on behalf feature enabled, both the Creator and Requestor are the same. In case of shop of behalf, the Creator logins to the system and creates or adds items into the shopping cart on behalf of another user, by choosing a requestor other than self.

The list of requestors/users on behalf of whom the creator can shop, is based on the below configurations

Login to system as Expert User (BPC_EXPERT role)

Step 1 - Create Requisitioning Groups and assign users (Optional)

1. Go to “Manage Your Solution”

2. Navigate to Realize Phase

3. Search with filters:

3.1. Application Area – “Sourcing and Procurement”

3.2. Sub Application Area – “Operational Procurement”

3.3. Select the result set which has Item Name – “Requirements Processing”

4. Go to Details, configure the step – “Maintain Requisitioning Groups”

5. Here you can create “Requisitioning Groups” using “Create Entry” option. Provide the details and choose ‘SAVE’.

Step 2 – Choose the ‘Shop on Behalf of’ Type ( Mandatory )

1. Open the app - “Default Settings for Users”

2. Search for a user

By Default, the Shop on Behalf type is “Company code Based”

You can assign Requisitioning Group for this user. F4 search helps show the list of available Requisitioning Groups. Select the Requisitioning Group which you created in Step 1. Note that, a single user can be assigned to multiple Requisitioning Groups.

Also change the ‘Shop on Behalf Type’ to ‘Group Based’

3. We have three options to select for “Shop on Behalf Type”:

3.1. Company Code Based – The user can create Shop on Behalf carts by selecting as requestor, a user who belongs to the same company code. Company code assignments are done while creating the user with excel upload

3.2. Group Based – The user can create Shop on Behalf carts by selecting as requestor, a user who belongs to the same Requisitioning Group.

3.3. No Shop on Behalf – The user is not allowed to create shop on behalf carts

4. Shop on behalf functionality works based on the “Shop on Behalf” type, requisitioning group assignment will be ignored in case shop on behalf type – ‘No Shop on Behalf’

5. Now assign the same Requisitioning group to other users to make them belong to the same Requisitioning group.

Shop on Behalf shopping cart creation

1. Login to FLP as Casual user (or Employee user)

2. Open the app “Create Purchase Requisition”

3. Add Items and go the details Items overview page)

4. By default, you can see the ‘Requestor’ is assigned with the login user. You can assign another ‘Requestor’ by using F4 search help.

5. The default values are assigned to the added items are based on the creator’s default settings, adding new item in the shopping cart also assign the default values based on the creator’s default settings.

6. You can assign items from catalogs for which both Requestor and Creator is authorized. Both requestor and creator should have authorization to use catalog items while create / edit the shopping carts

7. Complete the Shopping cart and Order.

8. Workflow agents are determined based on the requestor.

9. In case the shopping cart is rejected by an approver, both requestor and creator get the notification email.

10. Shop on Behalf carts can be viewed/modified by both the Creator and Requestor of the Shopping Cart.

How can the Creator of the shopping cart view shopping carts that are created on behalf of others?

1. Login to FLP

2. Go to app – “My Purchase Requisitions”

3. Open the search bar

4. Select the option “Shop on Behalf”

5. All the carts created by the login user for another user, that is, shop on behalf carts shall be displayed

How can the Requestor of the shopping cart view the shop on behalf carts?

1. Login to FLP

2. Go to app – “My Purchase Requisitions”

3. The shop on behalf cart which is created by someone on behalf of the login user, shall appear just as the other carts created by the login user without Shop on Behalf.

Follow-on document creation

Using “My Purchase Requisitions” app, both the creator and the requestor can create ‘Confirmation’ / ‘Return Delivery’ for Shop on Behalf carts, in case follow-on Purchase Order is created.