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Product and Topic Expert
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SAP Business One allows four explicit dimensions to be set up for bin location handling. These dimensions act as co-ordinates which enable simple location identification for each bin location.

In some businesses, it may be relevant to use more than four dimensions. How can more dimensions be handled?

For example in the above screenshot, there are four bin location dimensions – Zone, Area, Row and Shelve – have been activated and contribute to form the final Bin Location Code. What if a business requires a 5th dimension, for example a Compartment within a Shelf?

Each bin location dimension (called a Sublevel in SAP Business One) is allowed up to 50 characters (with the final Bin Location Code being allowed with up to 208 characters). This is more than enough to build a coding structure even into a single sublevel dimension.  Therefore the Shelf dimension can be used to model both the Shelf and the Compartment.

For example in the above screenshot the Shelf dimension also contains the Compartment data which then appears in the Bin Location Code.

Please note, however, that careful thought needs to be given to the structure of multiple dimensions within one sublevel to ensure that any required reporting or bin location filtering will be easily achievable.