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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Service in SAP S/4HANA Cloud has made remarkable progress throughout the year 2021. The Nov release excites us especially with more capabilities, including long-awaited features. I mentioned in the video that it is all about integration. Various innovations are aimed to enable end-to-end processes around Service.

You can watch this three min video for three highlights.


I will walk you through updates on

  1. Service Order Management (3D2)

  2. SAP FSM Integration (49X)

  3. In-House Repair (3XK)

  4. Service Contract Management (3MO)

Service Order Management

Reservation of Spart Parts on Service Orders

Service Order Management enables customer service managers to achieve better insight into stock spare part availability and reserve the planned quantities through the logistics integration. In case of stock shortage, the follow-up replenishment processes can be started to ensure on-time service delivery.


  • Enabling stock reservation from Service Orders as well as simulative ATP check

  • Material Reservation document is created when releasing spare part items

  • Completing a service confirmation posts a Goods movement

Figure 1:  This screen shot shows the available quantity and reserved quantity of a stock spare part

Demo with audio

Updates on Credit Management

  • Credit Recheck Jobs template to check the credit commitment of service transactions without manual effort

  • Rebuild credit management data to ensure that the credit exposure is correct and consistent for service orders.

For enabling Credit Management, you can read the previous blog.
Service in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2108 | SAP Blogs

Shared Item Category Group NORM

Define User Status

Integration with SAP Field Service Management

Enhanced Integration with SAP Field Service Management

The enhanced integration of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Field Service Management (FSM) provides the ability for technicians to adapt requirements on-site easily. The bi-directional replication enables to create a service order or to add more items from SAP FSM side and make the information consistent for customer service managers.


  • Replication of newly created service calls from SAP Field Service Management (FSM) to SAP S/4HANA as service orders

  • Replication of newly created activities from SAP FSM to SAP S/4HANA as service order items

Figure 2: This slide depicted the bi-directional data replication between a Service Order in S/4HANA Cloud and a Service call in SAP Field Service Management

Demo with audio

In-House Repair

Customer Return Process with In-House Repair

In-House Repair extends its scope to support the customer return process by the integration to Accelerated Returns Management (ARM). This integration provides process efficiency though the end-to-end return and repair process. Moreover, the process flow diagram will offer you the clear insight into the process status at a glance.

  • Accelerated Returns Management integration enables to create an In-House Repair request as a follow-up of inspection of customer return

  • End-to-end return and repair process including inbound and outbound logistics

Figure 3: This screen shot shows the process flow diagram in In-House Repair which entails all related documents during the return and repair processes

Demo with audio

Repair Order Template

  • Define reusable sets of service related data

  • Create a Repair order by using ‘Copy from Templates’

  • Search templates by repair specific criteria

    • Product ID

    • Equipment ID

    • Functional location


Figure4: This screen shot show
the feature of creating a repair order by copying from repair order templates

Service Contract Management

Product Proposal in Product List on Service Contracts

  • New Button “Product Proposal” available in product list

  • Source for product proposal can be

    • Service contract item product

    • Equipment in object list

    • Product in object list

  • One or several products can be selected and will be added to the product list

  • Products proposed need to be maintained as bill of material (BOM) type S (Service)

Demo with audio

Massive Change Settlement Rules

  • New button “Change Settlement Rules” available in Item Table list

  • Selected settlement period rule and billing date rule will be updated in all line items with period billing plan

  • Manually adjusted values on item level will not be changed (warning message)

Figure5: This screen shot shows the feature of 'Change Settlement Rules' on a Service Contract


This is all I prepared for Service in the Nov release of S/4HANA Cloud. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the next release 2202. There are much more to come. 

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