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Welcome back to this blog for the release highlights of Service in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. In this summer release, Service brings new business capabilities for customer service managers to benefit from. For example, Service Order Management enabled credit checks, simulative ATP Check, and much more. Let’s take a look at those features one by one.

If you don't need all the details, you can just watch this 5min video for a quick overview.

We will look at updates on

  • Service Order Management (3D2)/ Service Contract Management (3MO)

  • In-House Repair (3XK)

  • Service Management Overview (43B)

  • Event-Based Revenue Recognition (3M3)


Service Order/ Contract Management


Credit Management 

We integrated SAP Credit Management with Service for enabling credit checks on Service orders and Service contracts. With this integration you are able to include service orders and contracts in making credit decisions alongside product sales in the effort of mitigate the financial loss.

  • Automatic credit check and credit commitment update when saving a service order/contract in the released status

  • Block service orders/contracts which exceed the defined credit limits

  • Provide credit limit information in error logs on service orders/ contracts

  • Credit commitment transfer between service orders/ contracts and billing documents

  • Possible to release blocked service orders by authorized staffs (CREDIT_CONTROLLER) in the app ‘Manage Documented Credit Decisions’



This is an optional feature depending on your business needs. You can activate credit management for Service in configuration.

  • Deactivate SAP Credit Management
    (Existing SSCUI – Finance – Credit Evaluation & Management)
    Ensure that Credit Management isn't deactivated globally

  • Assign Sales Area & Company codes to Credit Segment
    (Existing SSCUI- Finance - Credit Evaluation & Management)
    Assign the relevant sales areas to the correct credit segments. We strongly recommend not to change the credit segment assignments once transactions have been created

  • Assign the SAP Credit Management Role (UKM000) and credit segment to the relevant business partners (payers)
    Need to assign the SAP Credit Management Role (UKM000) to all the relevant payers.

  • Activate Credit Management in Service Transactions
    (New SSCUI - Service)
    Credit Management can be activated for Service Contracts (SC1), Service Orders (SVO1), and Fixed Price Service Orders (SVO2). For more information, see Configuration Environment of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. For more information, search for Credit Master Data in the relevant version of S/4HANA Cloud on SAP Help Portal.

Demo1 (including Audio): This shows the configuration for Credit Management on service orders/ contracts and how the credit check works on a service order  

Simulative ATP Check on Spare Parts in Service Orders

In 2108, we extended the integration with Logistics to support the pick from stock scenario. We introduce simulative ATP checks for spare parts on service orders, which will provide better insight into service part availability for service order planning. There will be also more enhancements in this area in the next releases.

  • Enable customer service managers to perform availability check on stock service parts

  • Provide the indicators for Fully available, Partially available, Not available


This is an optional feature depending on your business needs. You can activate the followings.

  • Activate Simulative ATP Check for Service Parts (New SSCUI in Service)
    BPC_EXPERT > Configure your solution - Service – Activate ATP Check for Service Parts

  • Manage Product Master
    PRODMASTER_SPECIALIST > Manage product master > Stock Service Part – Plant – Sales – Availability Check


Demo2 (including audio): This shows the configuration for Simulative ATP Check and how it works on a service order


Service Rendered Date on Service Confirmations

It is enabled to define ‘Service Rendered Date’ on service confirmations by using past dates than a system date. This is intended to support a business scenario when service confirmation is completed later than the actual service delivery date. This supports accurate tax calculation with the date of actual posting date in billing documents.

Demo3(including audio): Using ‘Service Rendered Date’ and the outcome on Journal entries


In-House Repair

Date Management on Repair documents

  • Define your own date types, duration and date rules to meet
    the specific requirements for your organization

  • Use SSCUI to include repair documents
    Configure your solution – Service (General) - Date Management -
    Assign Date Profile to transaction types

By adding ‘Dates’ in personalization, the ‘Dates’ assignment block will be displayed in

  • Repair quotation details

  • Repair order details

  • Repair confirmation details

Enabled APIs to create, read, and update repair orders

OData Service
Details in SAP API Business Hub

Outbound SOAP Services

Technical Name: ServiceOrderConfirmation_Out Details in SAP API Business Hub

Technical Name: ServiceOrderBulkConfirmation_Out
Details in SAP API Business Hub

Technical Name: ServiceOrderNotification_Out Details in SAP API Business Hub
Inbound SOAP Services
Technical Name: ServiceOrderRequest_In
Details in SAP API Business HubTechnical Name: ServiceOrderBulkRequest_In
Details in SAP API Business Hub


Analyze repair order actuals in the Service Actuals app

This is valid for the business roles Customer Service Representative and Manager. You can use this app for financial actuals including costs.


Service Management Overview 


Enhanced filters on Service Management Overview

It is great to have more filters for generating a specific analysis with service documents.

  • View service KPIs for key customers (selection by customer or contact person)
    Example: Expiring Service Contract items by Sold-to-party

  • View service KPIs by responsible employee
    Example: Overdue Service Orders by Responsible Employee

Demo4 (with audio): This shows the examples with Expiring service contract items by sold-to-party and Overdue service orders with enhanced filters

Event-Based Revenue Recognition 

Enhanced Revenue Recognition with Service Orders based on Confirmations

We enhanced revenue recognition and margin analysis for service orders, based on fulfilment of service confirmations. The confirmation-based revenue recognition method (Recognition Key CCOCF) is enabled for T&M service orders (SV01), including services, expenses and stock service parts. This method recognizes revenues and corresponding costs through the periodic run upon completion of service confirmations, while invoices are not yet created. So you can benefit from real-time matching of costs and revenues for service orders.

  • Support revenue recognition based on service confirmations for T&M service orders and T&M service bundles with sub-items, i.e. services, expenses, or stock service parts

  • Recognize costs and revenues simultaneously with the period-end run if a service confirmation is completed

  • Defer costs from a service confirmation when it is completed

  • Defer revenues when posting billing documents of a service confirmation

  • Conduct real-time revenue recognition and margin analysis for service orders

Demo5 (with audio): This shows the E2E process with enhanced Revenue Recognition method for Service Orders 

This is what I prepared for the service highlights in 2108. Stay tunned for the next release !!

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