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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With the 2102 release, Service in SAP S/4HANA Cloud includes a collection of new innovations to boost flexibility and efficiency for service providers – whether generating business, fulfilling service agreements or gaining insights into service delivery. In this blog, I will highlight the top features of Service in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2102.

You can find updates on the following areas.

  1. Solution Order Management

  2. Service Contract Management

  3. In-House Repair

  4. Service Quotation/Order

  5. Recurring Service

  6. Analytics

Watch this 5min video to get a quick overview on the highlights.



1. Solution Order Management

Inclusion of Subscriptions in Solution Orders for consumption-based Business

We introduced Solution Order Management for the first time in 2008, supporting the business transformation from selling products to providing higher-margin solutions. In 2102, we are expanding its business scope further to include consumption-based business by integrating SAP Subscription Billing. Solution orders are now enabled to offer subscription services as well as sales and service products in a single order.

The seamless integration supports creating subscriptions through Solution orders and processing billing with a single invoice together with sales and service products. Solution orders can display the rate elements with price value and subscription parameters from subscription billing and allow you to change and update those parameters. Not only do you have the reference linked, but you can also navigate back to the subscription billing system for more details.


  • Enable a new item type to offer subscription services

  • Display and edit rate plan information for a subscription service in solution orders

  • Create subscriptions in SAP Subscription Billing through solution order orchestration

  • Visualization of the created subscriptions in Solution Order Progress app

  • Enable solution order API with the capability to create and edit subscription items


Demo: Subscriptions in Solution Orders

2. Service Contract Management

 Configurable Products in Service Contracts

We are enabling configurable products in Service contracts in 2102. It is now possible to configure a service contract item with advanced variant configuration. This capability increases flexibility in service contract product offerings alongside supporting business scenarios with more complex service contract products which can lead to increased service revenue.


  • Configure a service contract item with advanced variant configuration (AVC)

  • Add and configure a configurable product as a service contract item

  • Select the characteristics and characteristic values that are defined in the product master data

  • See the price impact of selected characteristics and characteristic values based on the defined variant conditions in the price details

Demo: Configure a service contract item with advanced variant configuration


3. In-House Repair

 In-House Repair enables Warranty check & Service Contract determination

In 2102, we introduce several features to bring operational excellence. A simple warranty check is enabled on Repair objects. The end dates of Customer warranty and Vendor warranty are displayed on Repair Objects upon equipment data. These warranty end dates are displayed and used as filter criteria in all repair object relevant apps.

It is also possible to assign applicable Service Contracts to In-house repair objects. This enables incorporation of the customer specific conditions per the Service Contract

Moreover, you can record ‘Customer instructions’ as a note and ‘Examination results’ after performing a pre-check in Manage In-House Repairs app. This information coming from new features will support Service representatives better to determine the next step, whether it's to create a repair quotation for a cost estimate or go to a repair order straight away to perform the repair process.


  • Display customer warranty and vendor warranty end date from equipment for repair objects

  • Display and determine applicable service contracts

  • Record notes for Customer Instructions and Examination Results

Demo: A warranty check, Service contract determination on In-House Repair

4. Recurring Service

Improved usability on Recurring Service

This solution capability was introduced in the previous quarter to plan services for periodic maintenance as well as to generate service orders in a mass scheduling job. We are bringing more usability enhancements in this release. For both Service planners and Service Managers, it becomes easier to search those generated service orders with reference to Maintenance plan with the app Manage Service Orders. On top of this, the situation handling feature helps Service Planner to monitor the mass scheduling jobs more easily. It is no longer necessary for service planners to monitor the job logs manually as they will automatically receive notifications for any situation which requires their attention.


  • Enable search of service orders with reference to Maintenance plan in the app ‘Manage Service Orders’

  • Automatic notifications can be sent out to Service Planners when any situation from mass job scheduling under Recurring Service

  • New situation template: SRVC_MPLAN_MASS_SCHEDULING_ISSUE


Demo: Search of service orders with reference to maintenance plan

5. Service Order/ Quotation management

Capture of Reasons for Rejecting of Service offerings

Service Quotation and Service Orders extend the functional scope by adding ‘Reason for Rejection’. This data will provide more insights into the background why service offerings are not accepted and can be used for further analytical purpose.

  • Enable to add the reason of rejection on service orders and service quotations with a field “Rejection Reason” on header

  • Define categories of rejection reasons for reporting and analytical purpose

  • Use ROLE: BPC_EXPERT, Manage Your Solutions - Configure Your Solution – Settings for Rejection Reasons

Demo: Capture of a rejecting reason of Service quotation

Revenue recognition with Service Orders

In this release, it is possible to perform revenue analysis with standard T&M Service Orders (transaction type SVO1) by using Event-Based Revenue Recognition. The revenue recognition method Completed Contract is supported, meaning that all revenues and costs are deferred until the service order is invoiced in full.

For more information, check out
Service Order Integration with Event-Based Revenue Recognition - SAP Help Portal

6. Analytics

Flexible analysis for Service Contract/ Service Order management

Flexible Analysis for Service contracts and service orders can provide deeper insight into your Service business from various perspectives by means of flexible combination of dimensions. This capability can support to improve the service process by identifying the trend and challenges.


    • Use Service Orders Flexible Analysis and Service Contracts Flexible Analysis reports to analyze service orders and service contracts with a flexible combination of dimensions.

    • Optimize the service process by analyzing service orders and identifying service execution trends

    • Identify challenges in billing of service contracts

Demo: Flexible analysis of service contracts

Demo: Flexible analysis of service orders

Hope you enjoy reading this blog. I will get back to you with interesting features again in the next release. Stay tuned and stay healthy.

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