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How machine learning is powering the Intelligent Enterprise: a new blog series

We are in the midst of a revolutionary moment in the development of ERP systems. Prices for storage and memory continue to fall. Volumes of data rise and computing power seems to grow exponentially every day.

We look for opportunities to automate, accelerate and innovate at every turn. And technologies such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing are all driving highly repetitive, transaction driven processes to increase automation. These technologies allow us all to be agents of change and innovation – more so than at any time in our history.

According to Alexander Lindner of Gartner, “Ten years ago, we struggled to find 10 machine learning based business applications. Now we struggle to find 10 that don’t use it.”

The Intelligent Enterprise is best poised for success in this current disruptive marketplace. To ensure your organization isn’t left behind, it’s vital to focus on these elements:

  • Develop dynamic applications that can help you to identify value driver KPIs

  • Streamline or eliminate labor intensive, repetitive business processes with machine learning- enabled “smart” applications

  • Learn how to harvest “big data” to turn it into value generating “big information”

  • Hire and develop data savvy workers with a passion for innovation

Today we kick off a series of blogs and articles designed to illustrate how machine learning is powering Intelligent Enterprise solutions.

We will explore:

  • How machine learning applications are transforming core ERP processes across the enterprise across:

    • Finance

    • Procurement

    • Production and Manufacturing / New Ideas / Innovation

    • Sales and Distribution

    • Project & Resource Management

    • Defects & Quality Handling

  • How Blockchain will be used in the Intelligent Enterprise

  • The role natural language processing will play in defining the Intelligent Enterprise

  • How analytics can help your Intelligent Enterprise to be even more intelligent

  • How machine learning and the Intelligent Enterprise will impact the workplace, and the necessary skills to be successful

We want to hear from you – comment, ask questions and join the discussion in the coming weeks.

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