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  • Send a vendor / customer change with tx. BD14 / BD12
  • If the vendor / customer, in the outbound system has NO more bank details maintained, no bankdata  will be deleted in the inbound system
  • Cause there is no E1LFBKM / E1KNBKM-Segment in the CREMAS / DEBMAS IDOC.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Vendor / Customer in outbound system has no Bankdetail anymore
  2. In outbound system there is no segment E1LFBKM / E1KNBKM
  3. In inbound system the Bankdata are still in LFBK / KNBK Inbound Idoc

Explanation of the process:

Sending FULL idoc (BD12 / BD14)

  1. If at least one bank data is present in the outbound idoc, then, in the inbound system, all banks not present in the idoc will be deleted.
  2. BUT if NO BANK is in the idoc, then banks are not processed and therefore no existing bank is getting deleted in the inbound system.

FULL Idoc sent of customer / vendor master data is semi current state for bank.


  • To have a reliable handling of bank data, you need to distribute your changes (BD21) with changes pointers. This is not a work-around. This is distribution of changed using change pointers. (BD21)
  • Otherwise a modification of the process will be necessary.
    Either by adding a dummy banks segment or by implementing BAdI CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA_BI.