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When you try to post the billing document to accounting in transaction VF02 or VFX3, the following error message is shown: FF848 – „Entry of tax for &1 &2 is not possible because of tax base 0”.

The error message is raised in the following program:

Main Program     SAPLTAX2
Source code of   LTAX2F01

CALL FUNCTION 'READ_SACHKONTO'   "Buffering not needed      "1563383
EXPORTING                                                                                        "1563383
   BUCHUNGSKREIS = p_bseg-bukrs                                                  "1563383
   SACHKONTO          = p_bseg-hkont                                                  "1563383
IMPORTING                                                                                         "1563383
   SACHKONTO_WA  = ls_skb1.                                                          "1563383
p_mwskz = ls_skb1-mwskz.                                                                  "1589213
IF ls_skb1-mwskz = '< ' or ls_skb1-mwskz = '> '.                                  "1589213
   IF p_bseg-fwbas = 0 and p_bseg-hwbas = 0.                                    "1563383
     MESSAGE e848(FF) with p_bseg-mwskz p_bseg-buzei.               "1563383
   ENDIF.                                                                                               "1563383

The reasons for this error message are the following correction notes:

     1563383 - Tax items (BSEG) not adequately checked

     1589213 - Check for tax code and jurisdiction code


46C         SAPKH46C63
470          SAPKH47036
500          SAPKH50025
600          SAPKH60020
602          SAPKH60210
603          SAPKH60309
604          SAPKH60410
605          SAPKH60505

With these notes new checks have been implemented. Tax type (MWART) and tax base (HWBAS, FWBAS) are checked from now on. This check is necessary to avoid problems in future reports. If these fields are blank and the tax category is '<' or '>' the error message FF848 appears.

In this case you try to book on a tax account without tax base amount. In transaction FS00 you can check the settings of the account (p_bseg-hkont).



G/L Account        ********

Company Code   ****

Tax category        < (Input Tax Account)  or  > (Output Tax Account)

There is a report in the following SAP note that enables you to change the tax category:

     1589213 - Check for tax code and jurisdiction code.

For additional information check following notes:

     1703445 - Release billing document to accounting: error message FF 848 'Entry of tax for &1 &2 is no...


     1703878 - Tax base = 0 and tax <> 0 or FF759, FF848

     1719026 - VAT Pro-Rata: Fill in Tax Base amounts