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Providing our customers, partners, and stakeholders with timely information on upcoming topics in the utilities industry is extremely important.
To facilitate this, we have created a matrix that outlines the relevant topics for the next two years, helping to illustrate these highlights.


You can access the detailed information and, if available, the links to the SAP Roadmaps Explorer in this area; The highlights in the graphic above are marked with an H.

Asset Management:

    • 2024:

      • H: SAP Asset Performance Management: Use of custom AI algorithms Details

      • H: SAP Asset Performance Management: AI-enabled visual inspection for asset condition monitoring Details

      • SAP Asset Performance Management: Detection of anomalies based on indicator values Details

      • SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration: Integration of models and spare parts to materials Details

      • SAP Field Service Management: Skill categorization and grouping in auto-scheduling Details

      • SAP S/4HANA: Ability to execute checklists in the Perform Maintenance Jobs app Details

      • SAP Service and Asset Manager: Support for Dynamic Forms Details

    • 2025:

      • H: SAP Business Network Asset Collaboration: Enablement of digital twin handover with procurement Details

      • H: SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Projects: Digital twin based visualization of time and financial information of projects Details

      • SAP Field Service Management: Ability to manage tools in crew management Details

      • SAP S/4HANA: Enable the refurbishment of spare parts with subcontractors with Fiori apps Details

      • SAP Service and Asset Manager: OCR for quick data capture Details


    • 2024:

      • H: Anomaly Detection: Extended Version Smart Meter Event and Alert Management (e.g. new rules) Details

      • H: Event and Alert Management: Forward Events and Alerts to Rules Framework Details

      • H: Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) of Metering Data: Estimation process: replacement values for larger periods Details

      • Direct navigation to data environments from SAP Fiori apps in utilities meter reading and billing Details

      • Archiving of technical master data that is specific to the utilities industry Details

      • APIs to enable SAP Datasphere for utilities entities Details

      • Simplified reversal of full device replacement Details

      • Change of load profile values in already billed periods; value replacement for profiles without value replacement groups Details

    • 2025:

      • H: Complex Validation Rules

      • H: Formula Profiles / Calculated Time Series data

      • Real Time Pricing for Residential Customers

      • Continuous Influence


    • 2024:

      • H: Custom Field Enablement: Enable custom fields and logic for installation master data Details

      • H: Enhanced Analytics: Leveraging of SAP Datasphere for the utilities industry Details

      • Processing of exact move-in time and move-out time of utilities contracts Details

      • Enable custom fields and logic for premise and contract master data Details

      • Ability to disable obsolete service providers Details

      • Credits and debits: support for gross and net amounts Details

      • SAP Fiori app enhancements for convergent invoicing (private cloud edition) Details

      • Integration of payment by link for utilities invoices Details

      • Display of utilities invoices and budget billing plans in a business partner financial overview Details

    • 2025:

      • H: Increase automation of invoicing processes by leveraging machine learning and predictive models Details

      • H: Service management for utilities – round-off Details

      • End-to-end reconciliation from event to GL in contract accounting and invoicing Details

      • Reduce time and costs associated with simulation of invoice forecasts for subscription or usage alterations Details

      • Integrated reversal process for SAP Convergent Invoicing and SAP for Utilities Details

Customer Experience:

    • 2024:

      • H: Personalization and segmentation accelerator for utilities Details

      • H: Next Generation Agent Experience

      • Content Management Improvement for Self Service

      • Use of SAP Customer Data Cloud Integration for Self Service

      • Utility Accelerator for SAP Customer Data Cloud

    • 2025:

      • H: Additional intelligent Sales and Service scenarios

      • H: Industry Cloud Partner Solutions for Energy and Water Service and Sales

Energy Transition and Sustainability:

    • 2024:

      • H: New utilities basic device category called “control box” Details

      • H: Configuration of formula definitions for measurement concept models Details

      • Export of a network graph for usage in third-party systems Details

      • Clustering and filtering of formulas in calculation rule view Details

      • Support for creating measurement concept instances using a UI Details

      • Analytics for Long-Running Processes Details

      • Definition of resources specific attributes for DER assets

    • 2025:

      • H: Basic DER lifecycle mgmt. functionalities

      • H: Support for virtual power plants to aggregate decentralized energy generation units

      • Integrate Asset Registry w/ SAP Cloud for Energy & E-Mobility

      • Integrate CX sales capabilities and enhance S/4HANA billing to support new energy related products for flexumers

      • Simple analytics for long-running processes

      • Complex Validation of data

Regulatory Requirements:

    • 2024:

      • H: Roadmap for German Retailers: completion of metering processes, master data changes, and settlement

      • H: Legal changes for all market roles in the German Market

      • Concept for internationalization of Market Communication

    • 2025:

      • H: Legal changes for all market roles in the German Market

      • H: Enabling International Market Communication

      • Continuous innovation (make the found valuable AI cases available)

Please consider that this information and SAP‘s strategy and possible future developments are subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice. This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

If you have any questions, comments etc. please do not hesitate to contact us.