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In this blog-post you will familiarize yourself with the SAP Transformation Navigator (STN) and find a list of easy to consume tutorials to learn more about the tool in a fun way. 

Let us kick it off simply – what is the SAP Transformation Navigator? 

  • SAP Transformation Navigator is a free, self-service tool which is accessible with your S-User ID  

  • It provides customized guidance to businesses in their digital transformation journey 

  • In 2017 it won the Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award, SAP’s most prestigious award for entrepreneurial recognition  

We know the hurdle of digital transformation processes for our customers’ businesses. Path to get there? The value of innovation? Integration options? Which solution to use in which use case? Our customers need clear guidance and support throughout the entire process. 

Why SAP Transformation Navigator? 

SAP Transformation Navigator provides our customers with individualized guidance and clear product recommendations on their journey to the Intelligent Enterprise. It does so by considering your existing product landscape, business needs and overall industry trends.  

And here are 6 reasons why you should use it in your next business transformation decision: 


  • 1. Transform your landscape 

SAP Transformation Navigator analyzes your current system landscape and tailors your transformation process according to your personal needs.  

To pre-fill your product map with your landscape data, we recommend choosing “Quick start”. Alternatively, you can add products from the SAP product portfolio manually. 

In case you are already using the current product, the tool will not provide any transition recommendation. If this is not the case, the STN (SAP Transformation Navigator) recommends you transition to a successor product based on your current landscape.  

By generating a product map of recommended SAP products and solutions, the tool advises you how and when to best implement your digital transformation. 

For an example, have a look at this blog post: https://blogs.sap.com/2017/05/16/my-first-experience-with-the-sap-transformation-navigator/  

  • 2. Extend your business 

Besides the set of recommendations which the tool offers based on your product landscape, you can also use STN to explore new solutions and capabilities and add additional product recommendations to stay agile and evolve your business.  

  • 3. Review benefits 

For that end, SAP Transformation Navigator also allows you to get a value assessment overview.  

Transformation recommendations come with value drivers which you can use for your business case calculations. These specific KPIs bring considerable clarity to your decision-making processes. 

  • 4. Set your priorities 

You can work on multiple transition projects simultaneously on SAP Transformation Navigator. As a result, the tool allows you to set your priority for each transition project depending on importance, assumed effort and project size. 

  • 5. Download 

Now that you have prioritized your transition projects, we hear you saying that you want to slice and dice into the important aspects of your project. That is why SAP Transformation Navigator offers you the option to download transformation guides! 

You can download 3 kinds of guides on STN: 

  • Business guide: Answers the “Why?” for your transition project. Gives you insights on the industry trends & challenges. 

  • Technical guide: Answers the “What?” is needed for your transition project. It includes transition paths, and details on any transition help available from SAP. 

  • Transformation guide: Answers the “How?” the transition project will be implemented. The guide includes information on the licenses and relevant service offerings. 

The guides are targeted at both business and IT professionals. The documents you can download on STN are perfect to support your business conversations. 

  •  6. Share and save

The last point in creating your product map on SAP Transformation Navigator is to finally share your product map. You can use this opportunity to share your product map with your colleagues to collaborate or to get your specific questions answered by SAP.  


Check out the tutorials to get a quick start on the topic 

  • 1. Overview 


  • 2. Value Maps