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Level 2: Medium; 10 minutes read

Audience: Subject Matter Experts

Author: Ramandeep Goyal, SAP S/4HANA RIG EMEA



This blog discusses the functionality of Reviews and What-if scenarios available in EPPM (Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management) solution. This functionality helps in reviewing multiple items and comparing them based upon certain parameters like Probability of technical success, Probability of commercial success, Financials and Derived risk etc.  This information helps the program managers to decide which items / initiatives / projects are worth considering and should be continued. The items / initiates / projects which have less chances of success and the risk of failure is on the higher side can be discontinued or avoided at all. With this functionality, program managers can create What-if scenarios and simulate items / initiatives / projects with different possibilities (like different delivery models (onsite, onsite / remote etc.) or different solutions (SAP or Non-SAP etc.)) and can take informed decisions.

User Role – Project Manager / Project Planner

Reviews - Reviews are defined at portfolio bucket level and they can be directly accessed from the portfolio itself. Reviews can also be created / triggered from the portfolio, but bucket needs to be selected as a first step of the process. Review could be done periodically to evaluate the health of the items / projects and decide the future course of action. Review can also be used to evaluate different initiatives.

Add items / initiatives which should be evaluated on this review.

Once items are added into review, relevant documents can also be uploaded for the reviewer to consider while reviewing the items. Workflows, if needed, can be triggered to inform the reviewer.

Reviewer can use Scoreboard to compare the items and take informed decisions. Relevant scoring model, as shown below, is used to compare the items. Scoring models are defined in the configuration and are assigned at the portfolio bucket level. Multiple fields like Probability of technical success, Probability of commercial success and Financials of the items etc. can be used to calculate the score depending upon their weightages and scores for individual ranges. Fields like Probability of technical success, Probability of commercial success can be entered manually into the items or can be derived using questionnaires etc.

Display weighted scope calculation can be used to check the weight and scores of various KPIs used in the scoring model.

Based upon the information shown above, reviewer can decide which initiatives / items are more beneficial for the organization. Once he / she is done with the review, finding can be captured in the review and it can be closed.

What-if Scenarios – What-if Scenarios enable you to group portfolio items and simulate the impact of changing certain attributes like Probability of technical success, Probability of commercial success and Financials of the items etc. With this, you can compare items (Original and Simulated versions), using scoreboards or reporting cockpit. In the Scoreboard, scores of original vs simulated items can be compared. Attributes of the items like Development cost or Launch cost etc. can be changed to simulate various scenarios. This not only helps in comparing different items but also same item with different set of data.

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