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You have doubts that S/4HANA is ready for Public Sector Industry? You think: It’s not ready for Public Sector, it doesn’t provide value or it’s too costly to implement.

Let’s dismantle the 10 most popular myths around S/4HANA in a series of blogs!



In the first three issue of this series of blogs we dismatled the myths: If I convert my ERP to HANA I’m good until 2025, had adressed how the adoption of S/4HANA in Public Sector looks like and answered the question for references.

In todays issue no. 4 we talk about how the support for the digital transformation looks like.


       6. S/4HANA doesn’t support my digital transformation

Digital transformation in business can be seen similarly to the evolution happening for cars : from manual (muscle) via basic cars to electronically equipped cars with electric windows, ABS break and so on, to now: intelligent cars with radar or camera based driver assistance, self-parking and more . With the help of these new technologies the driver gets rid of routine tasks. And the next step of evolution will be real autonomous driving.



The same analogy can be applied for business in government: Today probably 80 % of  ERP customers are in a transaction oriented mode. There is huge potential in moving to the Digital Government or better Intelligent Government where more and more routine tasks will be automated by delegating these routine tasks to new technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain.



Watch this video to see what Machine Learning can do for you! And more innovations are on the roadmap to make the Intelligent Government happen.

Please stay tuned for the next issue of SAP S/4HANA Public Sector Myths … busted!


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