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You have doubts that S/4HANA is ready for Public Sector Industry? You think: It’s not ready for Public Sector, it doesn’t provide value or it’s too costly to implement.

Let’s dismantle the 10 most popular myths around S/4HANA in a series of blogs!



In the first issue of this series of blogs we dismatled myth #1: If I convert my ERP to HANA I’m good until 2025

In this issue we will adress how the adoption of S/4HANA in Public Sector looks like and answer the question for references.


   2. S/4HANA is not adopted in Public Sector industry

More than 200 Public Sector customers worldwide decided to use S/4HANA to transform their business and 50 are already live like the City of Copenhagen, Denmark, or the City of Cambridge, Ontario.


   3. S/4HANA has no references

There are already more than 30 customer reference stories available and the number is growing. Please ask your sales representative for more reference details.


Please stay tuned for the next issue of SAP S/4HANA Public Sector Myths … busted!