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You have doubts that S/4HANA is ready for Public Sector Industry? You think: It’s not ready for Public Sector, it doesn’t provide value or it’s too costly to implement.

Let’s dismantle the 10 most popular myths around S/4HANA in a series of blogs!




  1. If I convert my ERP to HANA I’m good until 2025

Why move to S/4HANA now and not wait until 2025?  The SAP Business Suite originates from the early 1990s. It still is good software but there are many innovative technologies that are not available. Similarly to technological advances you prefer to have in a modern car like driving assistance, navigation or connectivity packages, you may look for capabilities that are not available in an ‘old ERP’: simulation, predictive capabilities, machine learning, blockchain or cloud solutions. These capabilities need a fundamentally different platform.

And this is the approach SAP has taken for S/4HANA: a fundamental re-design of the software to provide and accelerate these innovations based on the new intelligent enterprise platform.

So, no reason to wait any longer with moving your ERP to S/4HANA!




Please stay tuned for the next issue of SAP S/4HANA Public Sector Myths ... busted!