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Thank you for joining our SAP S/4HANA Finance Move blog series breaking down the Webinar Series for Finance Professionals

This on demand webinar is hosted by Christian Mnich, VP, Head of Solution Management, Treasury and Working Capital Management at SAP. In this session you will learn how to establish highly automated Account Receivables processes with SAP S/4HANA. Increase the efficiency of your credit and accounting departments and prospectively forecast and manage cash flow to ultimately achieve early payment.

Here’s the agenda Christian will cover:

  • The importance of effective business steering and the challenges to be addressed​

  • Key FP&A responsibilities and how to benefit from SAP S/4HANA combined with SAC​

    • Enabling responsive driver-based planning​

    • Enabling continuous, granular transparency in financial performance​

    • Delivering group-wide actionable insights​

    • Moving towards pro-active business steering​

  • From classic margin reporting to pro-active steering: how SAP enables this in practice​

  • Summary


In addition to the main session “Establish an Integrated and Centralized Treasury and Working Capital Management” there are two additional deep dive sessions available. Logon to the main session, then scroll down to access the deep dives seen here:

  • Master the Challenges of Managing Cash, Payments and Bank Connectivity

Enable your treasury organization to thrive by employing straight-through payment processing. Make payments more efficient and help ensure uninterrupted bank connectivity. See how SAP S/4HANA solutions offer fully integrated functionality to support efficient payment processes.

  • Mitigate Financial Risks Intelligently Through Smart Trading

Manage financial risks using insights from powerful SAP S/4HANA analytics applications that enable hedge execution through smart trading. Learn how you can spend less time running manual or batch processes and more time working on higher value activities by using trading automation and straight-through processing.

Again, to access the deep dives log into the main session “Establish an Integrated and Centralized Treasury and Working Capital Management” from www.sap.com\move-finance then scroll down to access the deep dives as pictured above.

Additionally, here are some of the questions and answers from our live session:

  1. Is credit management mentioned the same as FSCM credit management?


  1. Do we need a separate license for Multi Bank Connectivity?

Yes, a separate license would be required to benefit from the managed service of bank connectivity

  1. Is the In House Cash module still available or has been substituted by the Advanced Payment Management?

In House Cash is still available. Advanced Payment Management is not replacing In House Cash, rather complementing it. Actually, APM is rather focusing on establishing a "technical" payment factory (Enrichment, Validation, Controls, Routing), while In House Cash remains the choice for establishing an In House Bank

  1. Actually APM is rather focusing on establishing a "technical" payment factory (Enrichment, Validation, Controls, Routing), while In House Cash remains the choice for establishing an In House Bank, Can you please explain deeper it?
    The differences are explained in the deep dive for Payments and Cash Management. More information can also be found here: https://www.sap.com/products/market-rates-management.html

  2. The bank communication management, is it integrated with the insurance product     FS-CD?
    Yes, but given the fact that FI-CA is having a separate payment run, we would suggest deployment of Advanced Payment Mgt as well

  3. How is the market data from providers automated?
    Please check out the deep dive for Treasury and Risk Management in which we are providing the details of that feature. It's enabled via the SCP App for Market rates Management: https://www.sap.com/products/market-rates-management.html

  4. Where can we find more information about the approach of having a separate Treasury instance, maybe in the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)?
    Thank you for the question. Just to be clear on that, Treasury can not run on a SCP Platform only. It would rather require always an S/4HANA backend system. I would suggest that you start here: https://help.sap.com/viewer/fbe9e04c03cd48fe95c1725fd64b9775/6.00.31/de-DE/0822d553088f4308e10000000...


For a complete outline of our on demand series check out www.sap.com/move-finance

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