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Thank you for joining our SAP S/4HANA Finance Move blog series breaking down the Webinar Series for Finance Professionals

This demand webinar is hosted by Dr. David Ormerod, Global Head of oCFO Enablement and Event Strategy. Attend this presentation to learn how SAP S/4HANA can transform the world of finance by providing a consistent, intuitive & efficient user experience that brings together both Analytics and Transactions, based on an integrated data platform that provides a single version of financial truth.  Discover the range of significant enhancements to Finance & Risk capabilities that have been made possible by these two areas of innovation, to the extent that processes that used to sit outside the ERP – such as Financial Consolidation – can now take place within S/4HANA operating directly on core financials without the need for extract, transform and load processes.  Hear about different ways to migrate to S/4HANA and the recommended add-on licenses that will significantly increase the business benefit of an implementation.

Here’s the agenda David will cover:

  • SAP Vision for Finance Transformation

  • SAP S/4HANA delivering on the vision of Finance Transformation (See highlights below)

  • Moving to SAP S/4HANA (See the

  • Recommendations for add-on licenses

  • Discussion


Additionally, here are some of the questions and answers from our live session:

  1. Can you please provide more details on machine learning and embedded analytics?
    Yes, this is a big topic! I recommend you start with this blog series: https://blogs.sap.com/2017/06/29/sap-s4hana-embedded-analytics/#:~:text=SAP S/4 HANA

  2. How can I access to Digital Finance Readiness Assessment tool?
    Please see https://valuemanagement.sap.com/VLM

  3. Do we need SAP Analytics Cloud for liquidity planning or can it be done with the full version of SAP Cash Management?
    If you're only reporting from data that already exists in S/4HANA then no, you can do it entirely with delivered tools included in SAP Cash Mgmt - the Liquidity Analyzer app for example.  If you want to incorporate additional planning data - future revenues for example - then yes, you'll need SAP Analytics Cloud Planning

  4. How do you quantify the business case to move from ECC6 to S4H? Is it too qualitative for us accountants?
    Benefits come in many areas - if you look at the main processes that will be impacted you can identify potential savings in terms of greater efficiency - either reduced FTE or time freed up for more value added activities

  5. If my company is already on SAP S/4HANA do we have the Universal Journal?
    Yes you do.

For a complete outline of our on demand series check out www.sap.com/move-finance

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