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The migration cockpit is designed for the migration process. It is not designed for a perpetual loading of data.

Nevertheless, especially during test migrations or when migrating parts of data within a phased approach (e.g. already load some master data before the go-live on the weekend), repeated selection might make sense.

  • Add new items? Just repeat the selection.

When repeating the selection, the MC checks if the key of the instance read in the source system already exists in the MC. If yes, it does not add the new item, if no, it adds the item in the MC.

  • Stop processing single items? Use the “exclude” function in the migration cockpit (in the SAP Fiori app, Migration Object screen).


  • Update items (because data changed in the source)? You have to first delete the selected records, then start selection again.

In 1909, the deletion function has not yet been implemented in SAP Fiori but does exist in the back end. You can execute report CNV_PE_MC_DEL_ITEMS in the S/4HANA system when being logged on using SAP GUI. SAP Note 2857598 explains the same.

You can also use the report to just delete the selection or to delete parts of the selected items by using the “free selection” function of the report. The free selection offers the possibility for a specified deletion! It offers the standard select option dialog for each field of the source table.

Pls. note that you can only delete items which have not yet been migrated to the S/4HANA target system! In release 2020, we have added this possibility especially for the reason that you want to repeat migrations several times during tests.


Execute report CNV_PE_MC_DEL_ITEMS:


Free selection options: