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SAP Readiness Check 2.0 for SAP S/4HANA: your dashboard to start planning your move to SAP S/4HANA.

You are pondering over your move to SAP S/4HANA? How much time to plan for it? How much effort will the project involve? Are there any showstoppers for me? The new version of SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA helps answering a lot of your questions and gives a holistic picture of what an SAP S/4HANA project involves.

SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA is included in your SAP Support contract and has been available as self-service since May 2017. The new version of the tool SAP Readiness Check 2.0 went live in May 2019 and is offering improvements and new features based on our customers’ feedback. The new version will be the only SAP Readiness Check available going forward while the former version will be retired.

View http://www.sap.com/readinesscheck or SAP Note 2913617 to run a new analysis.

What’s new?

  • Interactive Dashboard: Add or update checks and tiles as you go - You are now able to update an existing analysis using the “update” button on the top right. Also the new dashboard allows you to set statuses, mark Simplification Items and SAP Fiori Apps in and out of scope for your project and therefore use it as project management document to work with.

  • Authorization concept: You can now grant access to partners or single SAP employees.

  • New SAP Fiori 3.0 design

Activities derived from Simplification Items:

Each of your relevant Simplification Items require different activities to work on, for instance some require your users to be trained, some require data correction, while others require business decisions to be taken or new developments. Some require all of these. While in the past you had to sit down and go through all Simplification Items one by one, no matter whether you are a developer, a trainer or an IT Manager to find out which Simplification Items are of concern for you, with the new SAP Readiness Check 2.0 you are able to see which activities come with which Simplification Item at one glance.

Also to take the pressure out of the actual conversion project, you will want to get as many tasks possible out of the way already today. For this you are now able to filter Simplification Items for activities that can be already dealt with today and also whether activities are mandatory or optional.


While with the former Readiness Check you were able to get an estimation for your initial SAP HANA memory requirement, you are now able to make a simulation for your target SAP HANA size. This is clearly a rough estimation but intends to raise awareness of the key influencing factors when it comes to database size calculation: Mergers & Acquisitions, new functionalities like embedded analytics or SAP Fiori and database growth. Do not forget about archiving: Your archiving potential has been integrated into this tile now is automatically considered in the simulation.

SAP Fiori Recommendations - find the apps that bring the most value to your organization:

SAP Fiori recommendations are now grouped by roles, making it easier to plan their implementation. Relevant SAP Lighthouse Fiori Apps are now highlighted for you: Apps, which offer a delightful user experience, support tasks that were not supported before and simplify the work for your users taking advantage of Machine Learning or IoT technologies. Don’t forget to set your Favorites!

Read SAP Readiness Check 2.0 – Details about the topic of SAP Fiori for more information.

New tile: Integration

We have extended the BW extractors topic with “idocs” meaning SAP Readiness Check browses through your programs using idocs and identifies those that are blacklisted. Further integration topics will be added.

See SAP Readiness Check 2.0 – Details about the topic of Integration for more info.

The Business Process Analysis tile has been renamed to Business Process Discovery covering three additional Business Process Improvement areas: Working Capital, Process Automation and Non-Standard Order Types.

Custom Code: to make life easier for project managers, we will enable you to upload your SAP ABAP Test Cockpit results into SAP Readiness Check 2.0 supporting more easy to consume visualizations. Check out which adaptations quick fixes are available for and more. This feature is still in the making – stay tuned.

To keep up with any new features that we are releasing for Readiness Check 2.0, follow the tag "SAP Readiness Check" or my profile and turn on your notifications. More info can be found here: SAP Readiness Check 2.0 for SAP S/4HANA – FAQ & What’s New in Releases