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If you'd like to see how to deploy the latest SAP S/4HANA Fully Activated Appliance & Trial systems from the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL) before you try it at home, then this new SAP HANA Academy playlist of short tutorials is for you - and we included new tutorials from the SAP CAL team which cover more cloud partners too.

If you are new to the SAP S/4HANA Fully Activated Appliance, then for each major release of S/4HANA (on-premise versions) there are also two critical blogs.  An introduction blog which includes a link on where to GET the appliance, and a known issues blog from our colleague, Joerg Wolf, that you must read as well:

Sneak peek at highlighted capabilities:

  1. Feature 1: Predictive Analytics Two minute video showing one of our highlighted predictive model and analytic scenarios in our S/4H 1809 Appliance. This example uses the Predicted Sales Delivery Delay.

  2. Feature 2: Fiori Overview Pages playlist of short videos showing a walk-through of select Fiori Overview Pages. Currently, you can see the My Sales Overview Page, Procurement Overview Page, and Asset Accounting Overview Page.

Deploying the Appliance...

..on AWS:

  1. Create & Configure an Amazon AWS Account for SAP CAL In this 4 minute tutorial, we create an Amazon AWS account and configure it for use with SAP CAL instances.

  2. Activate the S/4HANA 1610 Fully Activated Appliance in SAP CAL  In Step 2, we walk through the process of linking your SAP CAL account with your Amazon AWS account and deploying, or activating an instance of the appliance

  3. Connect & Walk through the S/4HANA Fully Activated Trial System  See how to access each of the major systems in the appliance; The SAP S/4HANA System via the Fiori Launchpad, as well as by the SAP GUI, and also the pre-connected SAP BI Platform, the SAP NetWeaver JAVA Server where we have the Adobe Document Server, and the Windows Remote Desktop.

... on Azure:

  1.  Create a Microsoft Azure Account  In this video, we will show you how-to: (1) Create your Microsoft Azure account and (2) Assign a subscription to your account to be used with SAP CAL.In this video, we will show you how-to: (1) Create your Microsoft Azure account and (2) Assign a subscription to your account to be used with SAP CAL.

  2. (Create) Deploy, and Connect to CAL appliances on Azure Uses the S/4HANA Fully Activated Trial as an example, this is a 15 minute deeper dive

...on Google Cloud Platform:

  1. How to Create and Configure a GCP Account for the CAL S/4HANA Fully-Activated Trial Appliance

  2. How to Deploy the S/4HANA Fully Activated Trial Appliance from SAP CAL in GCP

More Tutorials:

  1. From SAP CAL:Playlist on YouTube  Learn how to create a CAL account and more topics covered. One video will auto play from the list, but check the full list to find the topic you need