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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog covers necessary configuration and the behavior of one of new functions in Credit Management in SAP S/4HANA 2021. It is about a new information category 50 (Additional Adjustment) and Information Type 01 (High Season) in BP master data.

With this function, you can top up credit limit in certain period of time (e.g. holiday season), so that you can take more orders than usual from the customer.

1. Customizing
Both customizing and changes to master data are required.

  • BP master data
    Information Category 50 (Additional Adjustment)
    Information Type 01 (High Season)

  • Customizing (IMG)
    Flag "Include Additional Adjustments"

Let's have a look at the customizing first.

IMG: Financial Supply Chain Management > Credit Management > Credit Risk Monitoring > Credit Limit Check > Define Checking Rules
Here, you find a flag "Include Additional Adjustments" under Check Rule -> Checks.
It is available since SAP S/4HANA 2021.
Tick this flag.

2. Master Data

On BP master (Role UKM0000), you need to do the two things.

  • In [ General Data - Credit Profile ] tab, set the Check Rule where the flag in the previous section is ON.

  • Either in [ General Data - Credit profile ] tab or [ Credit Segment Data - Credit Limit and Control ] tab, make an entry under "Futher Information".

You need to select Information Category 50 (Additional Adjustment) and insert an entry with Information Type 01 (High Season).
Information Type 01 is displayed as 1 on the screen.

Then enter amount with currency and period.

Do not forget to tick the flag "Relevance for Credit Check". It activates the function to increase the credit limit during specific time period.

"Further Information" section is in [ General Data - Credit Profile ] tab, too, but you don't need to maintain both tabs.

You are done with the configuration now.

3. Test the behavior
You can switch the system behavior with flag "Relevance" in BP master without changing customizing.

As prerequisite, the sales order is created on August 23rd.

When the flag is OFF, a popup comes up and tells you that credit limit is exceeded for this customer.

Now, change the flag ON and test again.
You do not get a popup and find that the order can be taken because the limit is temporarily increased because of high season.

A sales order was saved without popup.


[ Additional Information ]
Transaction UKM_ADDINFOS_DISPLAY to display "Further Inforation" in BP master is now found in SAP Menu as of SAP S/4HANA 2020.